Friday, March 18, 2016

5 Fandom Friday: Geeky Tattoos I Want Or Have

Hey everyone!

I love this weeks prompt mainly because I love tattoos. Currently, I have about 24 of them and my goal is to cover my legs all in geeky/pop culture related things, so this one is right up my alley!

I've always been a big fan of tattoos ever since I was little. I've always found them so beautiful and such a great way of expressing yourself. I didn't start getting tattooed until I was about 20, and I've been going to the same girl now for 7 years. She knows the style that I love and doesn't even bat an eye when I come to her and tell her I want silly things like a fancy shark with a top hat. I always get a ton of joy out of getting tattooed, and I honestly don't find them too painful (I mean, yes obviously they aren't pleasant, but I don't find them totally unbearable). I'm also one of those people who tends to make an appointment for another right after I've just finished getting one; I just have so many ideas! ... aka I'm sorta addicted, oh well!

The majority of my tattoos are on my legs (with the exception of a few on my sides) because they're easier to hide that way if I ever needed to. Luckily, my job loves them and the people there will literally line up at my desk to see anytime I get a new one.

Anyways, here's just a little sample of the ones that I have!

1. 1-up Mushrooms: I grew up playing Super Mario Land on  GameBoy and anytime I couldn't pass a world (usually the underwater world), I would hand it off to my Mom and she would beat it in about 5 seconds flat. I ended up getting two of these, one for her and one for my brother because they're the two 1-ups in my life.

2. 2*R: I've always loved Peter Pan and have always wanted to go to Neverland, but I kinda didn't have the space to fully write out "Second star to the right", so I just abbreviated a tad and added the thimble in for good measure. The colors behind it are actually dark and light green, but this was taken right after I had it done so it was super fresh.

3. Book Worm: I like big books and I cannot lie. Also, looking at the "W" in this always makes me happy because my girl put a little swirl on it and when you mix that with the purple color, it reminds me of the Wonka logo.

4. Golden Snitch: I love Harry Potter. Like, a lot. Coincidentally, I had also gotten this tattoo on July 31st, which is Harry Potter's birthday.

5. Empire, Rebels and Lightsabers, oh my!: I couldn't decide between which one to post, so I just figured I'd do both. The lightsabers were actually the third tattoos I ever got, and then I had gotten the Empire and Rebel Alliance logos a year or so after. If you hadn't already figured out from some of my older posts, I'm a huge Star Wars fan and I actually have plans for quite a few more related tattoos as well. Also, the hilts of the lightsabers are actually straight, it's just super wonky trying to get a picture of the back of your own calves.

Honorable Mention:

My fancy shark. Just cause I mentioned him briefly at the start and he's just too good not to show off.

Hope you all liked some of the nerd art I have!

Friday, March 4, 2016

5 Fandom Friday: Characters I Would Name My Kids After

Hey everyone!

I love this idea of picking one of the past 5FF to do because I hadn't seen this one previously, and I've always said if I ever had kids (emphasis on the ever), I'd want to name them after my favorite characters. So here we go!

1. Oliver: I wouldn't call myself a huge Green Arrow fan, but I like to think of any nicknames that could potentially go with a name, and I am a fan of calling someone Oli.

2. Harley: Harley Quinn is by far my favorite character in all of Batman. Sure she's a little bit crazy, but she's spunky and sassy and those are two things that I love.

3. Indiana: Take my love of Harrison Ford and mix it with my love of nicknames, and you get Indy. Plus, who wouldn't want to be named after Indiana Jones?! He's so badass!

4.  Rory: This one is a toss up for me between Gilmore and Williams. One is super bright and witty, the other waited almost 2,000 years for love, making both of these characters more than great in my book.

5. Zoe: One of the things I love most about Firefly (aside from how brilliant Wash is) is Zoe. She's the perfect example of a strong, loyal, take no crap female and I've always admired that about her. She's also tough and vulnerable, and who wouldn't want their kids growing up with a figure like that to aspire to?

Who would you name your kids after? Lemme know!