Saturday, February 28, 2015

Star Wars Vacation Prints

I don't know if anyone's realized this yet, but I'm a huge fan of Star Wars. I also really like nerdy artwork, so just imagine my happiness while scrolling through Tumblr to find these pretty little babies.

The prints are by Troy Jensen and they're up for sale on his Etsy shop (here). He has some other really nice looking prints ranging from Godzilla to The Legend of Zelda. All of them are super nice and now I need to try and rearrange everything on my walls so I can add these ones to my collection!

What do you guys think of them? Have a favorite? (I'm pretty partial to the Endor one myself!)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Top 5: Fictional Couples

Tis the day for mushiness, so I figured why not do a list of the best lovey-dovey fictional couples. Here we go:

1. Princess Buttercup and Westley: Theirs really was twoo wuv. They went up against an evil prince, R.O.U.s, a battle of wits against a Sicilian and even death just to be together. Also, lets be real here, who doesn't swoon every time Westley says, "As you wish."

2. Princess Leia and Han Solo: I always thought that they had the most believable relationship because they actually butted heads. A lot. They fought and they bickered, but you could tell that they really loved each other despite all of it; I mean Leia did disguise herself to sneak into Jabba's throne room to save Han's Carbonite butt, and if that's not true love then I don't know what is.

3. Willow and Tara: As much as I love Oz, I don't think he affected Willow as much as Tara did (hello, she went all Dark Willow when she died because she was grieving.) Their whole relationship was groundbreaking and just felt so real and natural, just thinking about it makes my heart hurt. RIP Tara forever.

4. Aeryn Sun and John Crichton: They're sort of like the Leia and Han type-- they didn't really like each other at the beginning but then wore each other down and fell in love. They've also had quite their fair share of ups and downs which only helped to make them love each other more, and Aeryn had John's baby and then got right back up to shooting people without missing a beat. Talk about Girl Power.

5. Zoe and Wash: Talk about opposites attract--here you have the tall Amazonian-esque soldier and her goofy husband and I loved every second of it. You believed every bit of their relationship, you could really feel how in love they were. Even though they lived on a spaceship, they were just like any other couple you knew and it was beautiful. Again, since it's Joss Whedon, it only ends in heartbreak and when Wash died, it almost felt like you became a widow alongside Zoe.

What are some of your favorite ficitional characters? Let me know!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Harry Potter World!

So my wonderful mom surprised me with the best Christmas present ever- a trip to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios. We went last weekend and it was absolutely better than I could have imagined. We didn't have to wait very long for any of the attractions (thank you off season!) and everything was just as big and amazing as I had pictured it. Every little detail from the books/movies were there, you could even hear Moaning Myrtle in the bathroom for cryin' out loud. We had the Park to Park passes which meant that we got to ride the Hogwarts Express, which I think we did about 50 or so times because I loved it so much, and it was amazing. It's pretty much an exact replica of the actual train and you get to sit in the compartments and they have a screen in place of the window that shows off the countryside and things you'd see if you were actually going from London to Hogsmeade.

Diagon Alley was probably my favorite part of the whole park. It's just as crazy as you'd expect it, and all the shops are so cool. I completely passed Knockturn Alley the first day we were there because it has such a small sign on the wall of alley way, that you really do just walk right past it if you're not actively looking for it. I would highly recommend walking down it though, it's so dark and creepy and filled with everything a dark wizard would love. Every where you go, you see little things that you didn't notice 5 minutes before, like how the vanishing cabinet inside Borgin and Burke's has a tweeting bird inside, or that the dragon on top of Gringotts spews fire every 15 minutes or so, or that you can give a call to the Ministry in the phone booth outside Kings Cross station. My favorite store though was hands down Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, it's so colorful and fun and smells really good too (apparently, they filter the love potion through the store.)

We also ate at both the Three Broomsticks and the Leaky Cauldron, both of which were delicious, and pretty affordable too considering you were inside the park. The atmosphere is exactly as it was pictured in the films and even all the people working there (or anywhere in the park really) are so in character it's awesome. Unpopular opinion though, I actually wasn't a fan of the Butterbeer. I had tried a recipe I found on Pinterest that I had loved, but the real ones they sell at the park are so very sweet and super butterscotch-y that I could only have a few sips before I felt like I was going to slip into a diabetic coma.

The coolest thing about the weekend was that we had unknowingly came at the same time as the Harry Potter Celebration. It was a whole weekend dedicated to everything Harry Potter related. I actually got to watch Evanna Lynch (aka Luna Lovegood) give a wand demonstration and it was the coolest/funnest thing I've ever seen. We got to walk through Hogwarts castle and I held up the whole line because I was just like touching the walls and trying not to sob uncontrollably. It was hands down one of the greatest weekends of my life and I already want to go back as soon as possible.

I took so many pictures, but here are just a few!