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The Familiar Review

Hello, all! If you're looking for a lush new historical fantasy to pick up, look no further than The Familiar by Leigh Bardugo. Pub Date: 4-9-24 Adult - Historical Fantasy Luzia Cotado is a scullery maid for a poor family in Madrid. Luzia knows she has to hide parts of herself, but that doesn't stop her from using her magic for everyday tasks. But when her mistress discovers Luzia's secret, she demands Luzia use these little miracles for her family's gain. Luzia's small displays of magic were just supposed to be entertainment for bored nobles, but then she catches the eye of Antonio Pérez, the secretary of the disgraced King. When his armada falls to the Queen of England, Spain's King is left reeling, desperate for any advantage to aid him in the war. Luzia seizes on the opportunity and joins a dangerous tournament to showcase her talents with other seers, alchemists, and holy men, hoping to garner the King's favor. But Luzia quickly learns there's a fi

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