Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Real Neat Blog Award

Hello, all!

I want to give a huge thank you to Michelle over at A Geek Girls Guide for nominating me for the Real Neat Blog Award. I always think these things are so fun, and Michelle came up with some great questions, so let's get into them!

1. What one item from a video game would you want to own in real life?

The 1-up mushrooms from Super Mario would come in handy.

2. What magical creature would you want to have as a pet?

SO MANY. But probably a Bowtruckle cause I could just pop him in my pocket and take him around everywhere.

3. What fictional world would you want to go on vacation?

It's not technically a "world", but I'd love to visit Stars Hollow and just sit in Luke's Diner and people watch all the different wacky characters.

4. What is your favorite geeky memory?

Probably the first time I ever saw Star Wars. My dad took me and my brother to a showing of Return of the Jedi for its 10 year anniversary, and my little 5 year old mind was completely blown. I remember walking out of the theater knowing I'd just seen the coolest thing ever.

5. What is the most recent new geeky thing you’ve tried?

I started a bullet journal for all the books I read.

6. If you could trade lives with a fictional character, who would it be?

Luna Lovegood. I'd love to have even a thimble-full of her carefree attitude.

7. What is something on your geeky bucket list?

I really want to go to see the new Star Wars park in Disney.

Now for my nominations/questions! It seems like a lot of people have already done this, but I tag Katy and Monica!

Here are my questions:

1. What it your go-to comfort film?
2. What underrated superpower would you want?
3. Is there any fandom people specifically associate with you?
4. What other non-geeky hobbies do you have?
5. What 3 fictional characters describe you the best?
6. Is there any fandom trope that you find overrated?
7. If you could bring back one cancelled fandom, which would it be?

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

House of Salt and Sorrows Review

Hello, all!

We're coming into that time of year where all I want is all the spooky vibes. When I heard that House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig was basically a murder mystery taking place on a secluded island, I was all about it. Thank you to Netgalley for the copy!

Pub Date: 8-6-19
YA - Fantasy
Annaleigh Thaumas lives a sheltered life on Highmoor, a secluded manor by the sea with her sisters, father and stepmother. There were once twelve Thaumas girls, but tragic events took the lives of 4 of Annaleigh's sisters leaving the rest to mourn the losses. With each death happening in a more gruesome way than the others, the girls are convinced there's a curse picking them off one by one.

Soon, Annaleigh becomes plagued by increasingly disturbing visions and begins to believe the deaths were not a coincidence-- her sister's were murdered. While the rest of her sisters are sneaking out night after night to attend balls and dance their troubles away, Annaleigh seeks to get to the bottom of these haunted happenings surrounding their home and family. With the help of a mysterious stranger with secrets of his own, the pair set off on a whirlwind adventure to uncover who--or what-- is behind the darkness before it claims Annaleigh next.

I was really intrigued by the premise of this story. The idea of family full of daughters who die in these tragic circumstances seemingly from some strange curse seemed really interesting to me. I only found out after reading this that it's supposed to be a re-telling of the fairy tale, Twelve Dancing Princesses, which I'm actually not familiar with. I think that was in my favor because I wasn't really comparing this to anything else while reading.

I did enjoy the thriller/mystery vibe with a dash of horror elements that were sprinkled throughout. My only issue with the story was at times, especially around the middle, it seemed to lag a bit. It felt a tad sluggish and almost like it was trying to find its footing, but it really amped itself up at the end. I also liked the writing style; it was eerie and atmospheric, you could almost feel the sea spraying your face. I feel like this would make a nice Fall read. If you're a fan of a darker fantasy this stand alone might be worth checking out.

Rating: 3/5

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

My Hogwarts Story Tag

Hello, all!

Seeing as how it's Harry Potter's birthday, I thought it would be fun to celebrate by doing the My Hogwarts Story tag I saw on Michelle's blog over at A Geek Girl's Guide. Here we go!

1. Are you Pure Blood, Half Blood or Muggle born?

Me Dad's a Muggle, Mam's a witch. Bitofanastyshockforhimwhenhefoundout.

2. Which wand chose you (What is it made of)?

11 inch Spruce wood with a phoenix feather core.

3. Where did the Sorting Hat place you?


4. What house did you want to be in?

I'm a Hufflepuff through and through.

5. Did you take an Owl, Cat, Toad or Rat with you?

Owl, I just think that's easiest.

6. Which lessons are your favorite and least favorite?

Favorites: Transfiguration and Care of Magical Creatures. Least favorite: Potions (I was always bad at science.)

7. The form your Patronus takes...

A Tonkinese cat. Still not sure what that is.

8. When confronted by a Boggart, what does it look like to you?

Oh gosh, I have so many irrational fears. Maybe any bug that's body is mostly comprised of legs.

9. Do you partake in any school sports or magical hobbies?

I'd want to learn wizard's chess.

10. If you have free time, where would you be found hanging out?

Either my house's common room, the Great Hall or the library.

11. You are most likely to get detention for what?

Literally nothing. I'm way too paranoid to break any rules, haha.

12. What career do you want after leaving Hogwarts?

I'd probably want to stay at Hogwarts as either a professor or a librarian.

Want to do this tag? Here are the prompts!
  1. Are you Pure Blood, Half Blood or Muggle Born?
  2. Which wand chose you (what is it made of)?
  3. Where did the Sorting Hat place you?
  4. What house did you want to be in?
  5. Did you take an Owl, Cat, Toad or Rat with you?
  6. Which lessons are your favorite and least favorite?
  7. The form your Patronus takes is…
  8. When confronted with a Boggart, what does it look like to you?
  9. Do you partake in any school sports or magical hobbies?
  10. If you have free time, where would you be found hanging out?
  11. You are most likely to get detention for what?
  12. What career do you want after leaving Hogwarts?

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Top 5- Seinfeld Quotes

Hello, all!

My favorite TV show is Seinfeld (I even recently got a puffy shirt tattoo in its honor), and this month marks the shows 30th anniversary. Since my supervisor and I spend the majority of the work day quoting episodes back and forth, I thought I'd dedicate this Top 5 to the best one-liners. There's so many great quotes from this show, and really something for everything, making this very hard to narrow down to just 5!

1. "The jerk store called, they're running out of you."- George: George has some of my favorite quotes throughout the series, and this is definitely up there. It's the best nonsense insult to throw at someone and I love it.

2. "These pretzels are making me thirsty." - Kramer: I vividly remember me and a group of friends sitting at a table in our college cafeteria one day during break just yelling this over and over again. Everything that came out of Kramer's mouth the entire series was just gold. I also love how all the gang takes their shot at delivering this line, and George just really goes for it.

3. "Serenity now!"- Frank Costanza: This is my go-to whenever I'm stressing out. In fact, my supervisor even printed this out for me to hang in my cube after a very ridiculous week of work.

4. "The sea was angry that day, my friends, like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli."- George: George had quite a few fake jobs during the show (who can forget Art Vandelay, importer/exporter?), but I think my favorite was when he pretended to be a marine biologist and then needed to help a whale who got a golf ball stuck in its blowhole.

5. "STELLA!" - Elaine: Although I regularly use "GET OUT!" while pushing people, even just thinking about this scene cracks me up. All it is is a heavily medicated Elaine channeling her inner Marlon Brando at Jerry's aunt, but it's so hilarious.

Are you all fans of the show? Lemme know some of your favorite quotes!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

OwlCrate July Review

Hello, all!

This months theme was Tournaments and Trials, let's get into it.

First up was their newest addition in the Harry Potter mugs, this one is for Goblet of Fire. I absolutely love these mugs, Cara Kozik just nails it every time with the artwork. This one depicts all three trials in the Triwizard Tournament, and I just can't get over how pretty it is. And also the design on the box is so adorable.

I feel like The Hunger Games is having a moment right now, it's like every time I turn on my TV one of the movies are on. This little coin purse was designed by KitCronk Studios, and while I do like the simplistic design, I don't really find myself using these little pouches all that much.

I've been really into puzzles lately, so anytime I get a new one is A-ok in my book. Especially if that one is The Night Circus related. This 300-piece puzzle was designed by Holly Dunn Design, and I really like how the pieces came in a little OwlCrate pouch rather than a box because I feel like that'll be way easier to keep it all together.

Then we had this lanyard by Four Seasons Fox inspired by The Selection. I've never read that, and to be honest, not a huge fan of the design of this either, so this isn't really something I'd use.

The last item was this beautiful deck of cards inspired by A Gathering of Shadows which was co-created by Nicole Deal, Gina Hilton, Marianne Martin, Diana Dworak and Michelle Gray. I recently read A Darker Shade of Magic and instantly loved it, so I was really excited to get these. And who doesn't need a deck of cards?

The book this month was Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim. Maia Tamarin has lofty dreams of being the best tailor in the land, but being a girl, the most she can hope for is an advantageous marriage. When a royal messenger summons her ailing father, once a noted tailor, to court, Maia poses as a boy and goes in his place. If discovered, Maia's life is forfeit, but she's willing to take the risk if it means she'll be able to live her dream and provide for her family. There's one catch: Maia is one of 12 tailors vying for the job. Thrust into a cut-throat competition, Maia's talents are pushed to their limits and she soon finds herself on a journey throughout the kingdom while desperately trying to shake the attentions of the court magician who seems to be the only one to see through Maia's disguise.

I've heard this described as being Project Runway meets Mulan, so I'm a bit intrigued. Lemme know what you thought of this months box!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Mini Thoughts

Hello, all!

Big thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for these copies!

Pub Date: 7-2-19
Comics - Graphic Novels
Teen Titans: Raven- Kami Garcia: When a tragic car accident takes the life of 17 year old Raven's foster mother-- along with her memory--Raven is sent to live with her foster mother's family in New Orleans. While there, Raven starts experiencing strange occurrences of hearing the thoughts of those around her and being able to cause injury to bullies with the slightest thought. She starts to think maybe it's best that she doesn't remember who she used to be, and maybe she needs this clean slate. With the help of her foster cousin, Max, and the charming Tommy Torres, Raven must decide whether to stand up to the darkness inside her or let it consume her completely.

I really enjoyed this graphic novel. It was such an interesting take on Raven, and the story itself played out really well. I flew through it because I was just completely sucked into Raven coming into her own and discovering who she is and the powers she possesses. The whole take on voodoo magic was also cool to see. My favorite thing though was the art style, it was so fresh and made the story that much better. Definitely check this out if you're a DC fan!

Rating: 3/5

Pub Date: 7-10-19
Comics - Graphic Novels
The Magician's: Alice's Story- Lilah Sturges: Alice Quinn is at the top of her class at Brakebills, a prestigious school for those with magical abilities. Everything seems to be going well: she falls in love with Quentin Coldwater, she has friends, but all that flips on its head when a horrifying magical creature breaches their dimension. The resulting events bring Alice and friends on a whirlwind adventure to the land of Fillory, where they're quick to learn that magic isn't always what it seems, and it's in the darkness where Alice finds her true calling.

I really liked this. I'm a huge fan of The Magicians series, and I'm super glad to have something from Alice's perspective. She's such a strong, complicated character, and this really shows a different side to her power that the original material didn't fully touch upon. I also liked how it seemed to follow the books a bit more than the TV show. Aside from being a great story, the artwork is really nice and lush. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who's a fan of the series because it's a wonderful addition to the story.

Rating: 3.5/5

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Green Lantern Vol 1: Intergalactic Lawman Review

Hello, all!

Green Lantern was always one of my brother's favorite comic book characters. Growing up, I used to sneak into his room whenever he wasn't home and read his comics, and that's where I first discovered Hal Jordan. This normal fighter pilot turned intergalactic policeman. I used to chant along with him as he spoke his Green Lantern oath, so I was super excited when I received a copy of Green Lantern Vol 1: Intergalactic Lawman from Netgalley. Big thank you to them!

Pub Date: 7-16-19
Comics - Graphic Novels
This volume follows Hal Jordan, Earth's Green Lantern protector, as he stumbles upon a mysterious alien hiding in plain sight, and his discovery sets off a disastrous chain of events that will shake the very foundation of the Green Lantern Corps.

There are many difficulties ahead for Jordan, including an intergalactic conspiracy and a traitor in the Green Lantern Corps ranks. Earth rules don't apply in space, so Hal must do whatever it takes to catch this mysterious stranger. He has spent years battling for what he believes in, but could that belief cost him everything?

Grant Morrison does a really great job showcasing the ins and outs of Hal Jordan: what makes him tick, what motivates him, what his goals are, and most importantly, his dedication to protecting Earth, and his loyalties to the Green Lantern Corps. That being said, I did find the actual story line to be a little...meh. I can't pinpoint exactly what didn't grab me, but I just wasn't super invested in it. Maybe my expectations were a little too high, but it just fell short.

While I enjoyed some aspects of the story, "Blackstar at Zenith" being my favorite, the artwork is really what stood out for me. Liam Sharp's artwork is superb, down to the very smallest detail. I found myself mesmerized by every single panel, so it really helped propelled the story to the next level and keep me interested. If you're a huge Green Lantern fan, I'd say give this a go, but if you're only a casual fan, you're not missing much.

Rating: 3/5