Review Policies

If you're interested in having me review a book, please note the following:

What I read: Generally, I mainly read a mix of: Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Comics/Graphic novels, Mystery/Thriller, and Contemporary. 

What I accept: I accept ARCs, finished copies and e-galleys for review. 

How I review: I try to keep my reviews as honest and to the point as possible. I'm always appreciative of the publishers who work with me, and try to be thoughtful and professional in my reviews. Also, I'll make every effort to read and review the material in a timely fashion, unless otherwise specified/requested specifically. However, if I accept a book, it does not guarantee a review. All opinions in my reviews are my own.

How to reach out: First off, thanks so much for your interest! Please send an email to, and also include the book title, summary, release date, cover (if available) and why you think I would like it, as this is the information I use when deciding on my response. For more information: I'm also on Netgalley and Goodreads.

My Rating System:

1- Did not like at all
2- It was ok
3- Liked it / Average
4- Really liked it
5- Loved it


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