Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spring Playlist

Hello, everyone! So, it's gotten to the point where it's actually nice outside and I can finally move all my thick heavy sweaters to the back of my closet and not have to worry about freezing my butt off again for a few months.

In honor of that, I put together a little playlist of all the songs I love to blast on a nice day. Some of these you may know, some you may not, but all are great to dance around your room to. Enjoy!

Do any of you have any specific songs you like to play on nice days? Lemme know!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

I really hope by now that everyone has seen the beauty that is the new Star Wars trailer. A co-worker of mine came up to me on Thursday asking me about it, and I'm a little ashamed to admit that I didn't realize it was coming out then, so I had to drop everything and watch it right there, and oh my gosh.

Right from the get go, I was completely overwhelmed. I love how it opens up and you can see all the leftovers from the Civil War, like the crashed Star Destroyer in the background (on a whole new planet!) and I love the shot of the decrepit Vader mask and Luke's whole voiceover. I'm also really diggin' the black and red TIE fighters and how clean the stormtroopers look. I can only assume that that's Luke putting his hand on R2, and I'm preeeetty sure that's Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber being handed off. Hands down though, the best part of the entire thing, which my heart still isn't over, is Han and Chewie at the end and "Chewie, we're home." The second I heard that, I lost it.

This has literally been the only thing I've been able to talk about for days. I've watched it countless times and I'll watch it countless more. I've never been this excited about a movie (or probably, anything) and I need a time machine or something so it can be December already.

What do you guys think of it?

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Let's Talk: Current Obsessions

So, I have to admit, I was never a huge fan of those Netflix Original series shows--until now.

I kept hearing so many good things about the show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, I kept seeing gif after gif posted on Tumblr, I heard a bunch of my friends raving about it on Twitter and Facebook, so I finally decided to sit down and watch it, and I'm so glad I did. For those of you not familiar, it's about a woman who was kidnapped along with three other woman by a crazy Reverend who thinks the world is going to end and held in a bunker for 15 years, only to be rescued and find out that there wasn't in fact any apocalypse and now they all have to adjust to life after being "Mole Women." It's so funny and clever and anytime you can put in a 90s slang reference, I'm all about it (I will never stop saying "Siiiiike" no matter how many times I get made fun of for it.) Going into it, I knew it had to be good because Tina Fey helped create it and I'm basically the real life Liz Lemon, but it was so much better than I thought it was going to be. Ellie Kemper and Tituss Burgess are hilarious together, and Carol Kane is in it! What a legend.

My next current obsession is one I've been waiting on since I first heard the little internet whispers about it, and that's Daredevil. Holy cow. That's all I feel like needs to be said about it, but I'll just rave a little bit more. Marvel did a nice job bringing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D to TV, but I think they made a smart decision putting this straight on Netflix. By doing that, they've been able to be a little more darker and grimier, and not to mention way more violent. Seriously, there were a few parts where I just cringed (like when Kingpin took just a liiiittle bit too much off the top of Anatoly). Not only is the show done well and shot well, the opening sequence is so cool--it's not too flashy but it's still interesting. I have about 2 more episodes to go, and I keep telling myself to stretch them out because I know I'm gonna go crazy waiting until they put out new ones, but I also can't help it--Marvel you've done it again! I also am loving the fact that Fulton Reed is playing Foggy, it's like the Bash Brother all grown up.

My third obsession hasn't started yet, and that's Game of Thrones, but I know come tomorrow when the new season premieres it'll be all I talk to anyone about. Hope they're all ready to tune me out!

Are you guys watching any of these? Anything you're obsessed with lately?

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Top 5: Lip Sync Songs

Have you guys ever seen the skits Jimmy Fallon does with guests where they have a battle to see who can lip sync to songs best? Well, Spike TV just started a show this week called Lip Sync Battle and it's basically just a half hour version of those skits and it's brilliant. The premise is still the same-- two celebrities perform lip sync versions of two songs, the only difference is that at the end whoever gets the most audience votes (basically, whoever gets the loudest applause) wins a Lip Sync Battle title belt.

I always feel like I'd be awesome at this because it's something I do all the time, so I thought it might be fun to make a list of songs I would choose. Here we go:

1. "Total Eclipse of the Heart"- Bonnie Tyler: I bow down to anyone who can not sing along while this song is playing. It's impossible.

2. "Shoop" - Salt N Pepa: This is my go to karaoke song, so obviously I would have to show it the same love in a lip sync battle. It's so full of sass and everyone who knows me, knows that is right up my alley.

3. "Don't Stop Me Now"- Queen: I know Paul Rudd did this song when he was on The Tonight Show, and as much as I love him, I feel like I could totally wipe the floor with him on it.

4. "Spice Up Your Life"- Spice Girls: I'm not even joking when I say that the Spice Girls are very important to me, and I still remember the majority of all their choreography so it'd be like a double whammy with this one.

5. "C.R.E.A.M"- Wu-Tang Clan: Last but not least, the clincher. No one can touch me when it comes to this. I always knew one day all that 90s hip hop knowledge my brother bestowed upon me would come in handy. Besides, who wouldn't want to see a tiny 5 foot girl rapping along to Wu-Tang?

What would you guys pick? Lemme know!