Top 5: Christmas movies

Aside from Halloween, Christmas time is my favorite time of the year. I love decorating, I love buying people presents, I genuinely love Christmas music, and most of all, I love Christmas movies. Here are just a few of my favorites:

1. A Christmas Story: Ever since I could remember, my Christmas tradition has been to come home from my family's Christmas Eve shindig, and watch the 24 hour marathon of this on TBS. No one else in my family even remotely likes this movie, so I could just sit there and watch as much of it as I wanted without interruption. It's hands down my favorite Christmas movie ever. They even turned it into a musical on Broadway which my mom took me to see, and it was amazing.

2. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: This is an extremely close second. I love everything about this movie, and Clark's freak out over his Christmas bonus and Cousin Eddie emptying out his toilet saying, "Shitter was full!" into the sewer will never not make me lose it.

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas: It combines my two favorite holidays: Halloween and Christmas. How could you not love it?

4. Home Alone/Home Alone 2: Lost in New York: Who doesn't love the Home Alone movies? It's so hard for me to pick which one I like better cause they're both so good, but I think Lost in New York has a leg up for two reasons: 1- it has my favorite insult ever, "Suck brick, kid!" and 2- it has Tim Curry, and Tim Curry makes everything better.

5. A Muppet Christmas Carol: I'm not ashamed to admit that at 26 years old, I still am obsessed with the Muppets. It isn't just a great holiday movie, it's a great Muppet movie. Gonzo and Rizzo do a hilarious job at narrating the story, it has Michael Caine, the songs are super catchy, and the ghost of Christmas Past and the "We're Marley and Marley, whoooooooooooaaaaa" scene still creeps me out to this day.

What are some of your favorite Christmas movies? Let me know!


  1. Muppets Christmas Carol is one of my faves! Awesome pick! :)


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