5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Fandom Phrases

Hello all!

I decided I couldn't pass up this weeks 5 Fandom Friday because I do love a good catch phrase (side-note: this was much harder than I thought--I have so many favorites!), so here are my picks:

1. "Get Out!" - Seinfeld: I'm pretty much Elaine Benes and I'm so guilty of doing this to everyone. And I'm not sorry.

2. "In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you!" - Sailor Moon: Raise your hand if you didn't shout this along with Usagi during the transformation sequence. Just what I thought, no hands.

3. "Groovy" - The Evil Dead: It was a toss up between this and "This is my boom stick!" but I think this one pretty much sums up the entire Evil Dead saga a bit better. Heart eyes forever for you Ash, chainsaw hand and all.

4. "Shiny" - Firefly: You pretty much have the pick of the litter when it comes to one liners and phrases from this show, so no matter what you choose, you can't go wrong.

5. "May the Force be with you" - Star Wars: As if I could make a list of my favorite fandom phrases and not include my favorite fandom of all. C'monnnnn.

What are some of your favorites?


  1. All the love for Bruce Campbell<3 I'm surprised I didn't see more Star Wars quotes this week, but definitely a good choice!!

  2. YES!!! Another shout out for Bruce!!! Love it!

  3. Awesome picks and I totally used to say that along with Sailor Moon xoxo


  4. One phrase I find myself saying is " What did you do Ray?"

  5. I almost included shiny on my list. I love Firefly! Great list!

  6. Excellent list! I definitely agree that Firefly is chock-full of repeatable sayings. Can you only imagine if we'd ad more than one short season (and a movie)?

    1. I think about that all the time, and then get upset that it'll never happen haha. The comics are pretty good alternatives though!


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