Thursday, April 28, 2016

Let's Talk: Game of Thrones

Hello all!

So sorry it's been a while. I had a little minor surgery last month and I've been trying to catch up with all my life stuff since. But anywhoo! I've finally managed to digest all that was the season 6 premier of Game of Thrones, and oh my gaaah, Sunday's finally have meaning again!

I will say, as much as I love that it's back, now that they're farther along than the books, I can't anticipate what's going to happen and I kinda love/hate that. Also, this is probably gonna be a huge spoiler for those who haven't watched, and also super boring for those who don't watch the show-- you've been warned!

I guess we should take it from the beginning. The last time we saw my poor, sweet Jon Snow, he was getting stabbed in the gut and left to bleed in the snow by some of his "brothers" in the Night's Watch. Now, we have his body being taken in and protected from Alliser Thorne by Ser Davos and some actual loyal members of the Watch (not to mention Ghost, who will rip someone's jugular out if they come near Jon, I'm sure). Also, how sassy was Davos when he was answering to Thorne? "I'd like some mutton" Keep doin' you, Onion Knight. While we're on the subject of  Thorne, him rallying the rest of the brothers by telling them him killing their Lord Commander was "for the good of the Watch"? Baaaaaaaloney. I can't wait for Dolorous Ed to rally all the Wildlings together and have them come back to the Wall and risk their lives just as Jon did for them, cause you know that's gonna be a huge brawl. Also, I'm one of those "Jon Snow isn't Dead" club members, and whatdya know! The Red Woman, who is part of the same religious group as Beric Dondarrion who just so happens to be able to resurrect people who've just passed, just conveniently comes back to the Wall needing a new champion for the Lord of Light since Stannis just bit it (which that I'm not too sure of either. I'm one who doesn't believe anyone in GoT is dead until I see a body). Homegirl's gonna work her fire magic and bring back my baby.

Speaking of the Red Woman, what the heck?! She's been an old woman this whole time? I've read a bunch of theories online regarding this, and the one that makes the most sense to me is that her necklace had a glamour on it which made everyone see her as this beautiful youthful woman, and that by taking it off, her true form appears. Buuuuut, there was that scene of her in the bath without it on and she was still young, so what's the deal, right? I think that since her faith was completely shattered by what she saw in the flames not coming to pass, she finally gave in and let the facade fall away, and it just left this broken woman in its wake. Hopefully, she'll snap out of it soon cause like I said, she needs to save my baby!

It seems like all the action was happening up North in this episode, since then we get to see Sansa and Theon fleeing Winterfell with Ramsay's hounds right behind them. I'm really hoping this season will be good to Sansa because girl needs a break. I do also like how Theon is sort of shedding his Reek-ness and helping push Sansa to safety--from making her wade through icy waters, to using his body weight to keep her warm, to trying to convince Ramsay's men that she died from the jump off Winterfell's wall in hopes they would take him back instead of her--I'm not sure if he feels responsible for her especially after all that he put her family through, but it's nice to see someone looking out for her. That being said, while Theon is trying his best, thank goodness that Brienne and Pod swooped in to save them by killing Ramsay's men, cause there's no way they would've gotten out of that. Also, how precious was Pod helping Sansa with her oath to Brienne?

Ok, now onto the South. Here we see Cersei have about 10 seconds of happiness when she sees the ship that's supposed to be bringing Jamie and Myrcella back from Dorne, only to have it fade the second she notices it's just Jamie with a golden shrouded body. I don't like Cersei. I have never liked Cersei and I probably never will, but I will admit Tyrion had a point when he said her love for her kids is her most redeeming quality, and Cersei is not the lioness you want to cross. You know Dorne is about to get messed up for poisoning her only daughter.

Then we jump to Dorne and see the Sand Snakes and Ellaria kill Prince Doran and Tyrstane Martell, giving them their revenge for Doran not doing anything when Oberyn was killed and being weak and blahblahblah. This is where I was a little thrown, though-- if Tyrstane was on the boat heading to King's Landing with Jamie and Myrcella, how did the Sand Snakes get aboard to kill him? All of them were on the dock watching the ship sail away. Don't you think someone would've noticed two girls rowing up and climbing aboard a ship? Especially since the princess was just poisoned, you'd think they would've upped the security a little. So, I'm a bit interested in seeing how that's all gonna play out.

Same with Daenerys. First, she's a prisoner of the Dothraki, and once they find out she was wife to Khal Drogo, now they're just gonna take her to hang with all the rest of the Khal widows? I highly doubt she's gonna let that go on for much longer. She's gone through so much and has tried so hard to become who she is that she's not going to just sit around and chit chat with some old maids. She's gonna hop on her dragon and burn some places to the ground.

Now, let's go to Arya. Yeah, she lost her sight because she killed her own target rather than the one assigned to her by the House of Black and White, and she needs to learn to let go of her own selfish revenge and truly become "no one", but I really want her to get it together and kick the crap outta that girl who's using her as a whipping post. I think that's gonna be her challenge this season-- trying not to lose herself and her identity (because let's be honest, she's never going to stop being Arya Stark), while still convincing the Faceless Men that she believes she's no one.

There was a bunch of other little odds and ends thrown in there-- Tyrion and Varys trying to keep order in Meereen, Margaery still in jail for her "sins", and Jorah and Daario on the hunt for Daenerys and Jorah's creeping gray scale. All in all, I think it was a really strong way to kick the season (and the ton of battles that are about to break out, no doubt) off. Sunday's can't come quick enough!

Did any of you guys watch? What'd you think?


  1. I am really looking forward to this season, but I really hate that Martin wasn't able to put a hustle behind his writing to get the book out before this season started. Feels wrong to be watching things unfold on the show before having read the book :(

    1. My thoughts exactly. Every other season, I was able to prepare myself for what'll happen, and now I'm goin' in blind!