Let's Talk: BBC Stardust Radio Drama

Hello, all and happy 2017!

Neil Gaiman's Stardust is one movie that I can watch over and over again and not get sick of. The movie perfectly brings to life the journey of a lovelorn boy named Tristan from a little English town called Wall, tasked with crossing the border into the magical land of Stormhold to retrieve a fallen star in order to prove his love for the fair Victoria. When he finally reaches the crash site, he's shocked to find out that it wasn't a meteorite that fell, but an actual woman named Yvaine. While Tristan is trying to get a not so enthused Yvaine back to Wall, they also have to dodge a witch who's pursuing Yvaine with the intent of cutting out and eating her heart so she can be young and beautiful again, and a group of ruthless princes seeking the gem she wears that would make them king.

Along the way, Tristan and Yvaine grow to care for and depend on one another, and Tristan, who has always felt a bit out of place in stuffy old Wall, feels right at home in this land of magic and amongst the stars.

Over the holidays, BBC Radio produced a radio drama of Stardust featuring Matthew Beard as Tristan and Sophie Rundle as Yvaine. They had previously done a bang up job bringing another Gaiman story, Neverwhere, to life back in 2013 and no surprise that this one was just as wonderful. It's such a nice throw back to when families used to crowd around their radio sets, listening to the latest tales of the day. It's a whole different aspect of imagination, hearing the story just flow over you in such a way.

The two part special is now available for streaming on the BBC Radio site (here), but unfortunately, it does expire at the end of the month (Part 1 on Jan. 23 and Part 2 on Jan. 24), so if you're a fan of the novel or the movie or just a fan of Neil Gaiman, definitely check it out!


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