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Hello, all!

Remember when I said I was trying not to buy any books for awhile? Weeeeeell, I lied. To be fair, I had gotten a few gift cards over the holiday that were burning a hole in my pocket, and a Barnes and Noble coupon, so really, what's a girl to do? Here are just a few I picked up before going back to my regularly scheduled library visits.

Essential Bukowski Poetry- Edited by Abel Debritto: I have quite a few Bukowski books, so what's one more? I know Charles Bukowski is a bit of an acquired taste, but I've loved his stuff since high school. As crude and crass as he was, he also had some lovely gems and one of my favorite poems will forever be "Bluebird."

Soulless- Gail Carriger: Honestly, I was initially drawn to this book because of the cover, but then I read the synopsis and knew I had to pick it up. This story follows Alexia who has three big strikes against her: 1. She has no soul 2. She's a spinster whose father is dead and 3. She was so rudely bitten by a vampire which is totally against social protocol. To make matters worse (could they really get worse?), Alexia accidentally kills the vampire, which leads Queen Victoria to send Lord Maccon, an annoyingly charming werewolf, to investigate. With everyone believing Alexia to be the culprit in the recent vampire disappearances, it's up to her to uncover what's really going on in London society before it's too late.

Codename: Sailor V, Vol #2: I'm such a sucker for anything having to do with Sailor Moon/the rest of the Sailor Scouts. I read the first volume, so I'm excited to keep going with it.

Saga, Vols 2-4: I'm super late to the party when it comes to this series. I only picked up the first volume at last years BookCon, but I immediately loved it. Barnes and Noble was having a buy 2, get 1 free on their graphic novels, so I knew I had to take advantage of that and picked the next three up.

Smash! Green Day, The Offspring, Bad Religion, NOFX and the 90s Punk Explosion- Ian Winwood: Confession: I'm a massive pop punk kid at heart. Most of my favorite memories growing up consist of finger pointing and singing my heart out at shows with my best friends, so the second I saw this I knew I needed it. Unlike other books/documentaries/etc that focus mainly on the 70s-80s scene, this one delves into the 90s era that really changed the game and catapulted the genre to a whole other level. Just yes to everything about this book. Letting me relive my plaid pants/wallet chain glory days and I am here. for. it.

 Have you read anything good lately? Lemme know!


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