Thursday, August 22, 2019

Steamy Hallows/The Strand

Hello, all!

A few months ago, I heard that there was a Harry Potter themed pop-up coffee shop in the City called Steamy Hallows. Naturally, I needed to check it out, so the other day I played hooky at work to go in for a visit.

While I did think it was cool, I felt it was a bit underwhelming. There weren't too many Harry Potter references aside from the names of the coffee and a few bits of decoration. It had a way more just witchy vibe than Harry Potter. The decor was really cool and definitely my aesthetic, just didn't really give me all the HP feels that I was expecting.

Since I don't drink coffee I just went for a tea, and I had read the menu before going that said there were pastries and cookies, but there wasn't any food when I went which was a slight let down. If you're interested in checking it out yourself, it's located at 514 E 6th Street. They don't have a website, but they do have a Facebook page. The place itself is also incredibly small, so I would suggest going once they first open or else it'd probably be a long wait to get in.

After getting our teas, we walked the 20 minutes or so to one of my favorite places, The Strand bookstore. If you're unfamiliar with The Strand, it's a huge bookstore in the City that has pretty much everything you can think of: from new releases to rare first editions. It's literally 18 miles of books, and I love everything about it. I roamed the stacks for a bit and I'm really proud of myself that I didn't buy everything I saw.

I definitely needed a little mental health day, and drinking tea and book shopping was absolutely the answer! Here are some of the pictures I took throughout the day;


  1. So cool you were able to stop by both places! Unfortunately, I think Warner Bros has gone after a lot of Harry Potter inspired shops and festivals. That might be why the coffee shop wasn't too decorated with wizarding stuff. :/

    1. Oh, that's true, I didn't even think of that!