Friday, January 3, 2020

Top 5- 2020 Goals

Hello, all and Happy New Year!

I'm not usually one for resolutions because I never tend to stick to any and then feel like a failure. However, with the start of a new decade, I figured I'd try something new. Here are just a few things I want to keep in mind heading into this chapter of life:

1. Work on my mental health: This past year or so has really taken a toll on me anxiety/depression wise, so I really want to work on pulling myself out of this slump and getting back to enjoying life.

2. Put down books I don't enjoy: For some reason, I always feel bad DNF-ing a book, so no matter how much I'm not liking it, I still force myself to finish. No more! I read somewhere that it takes 50 pages to get hooked on a book, so if by then I'm not feelin' it, I'm going to step away. My TBR pile is too long to waste it on books I don't enjoy.

3. Exercise and drink more water: I used to be really good about going to the gym and watching what I eat, but then I got lazy. I'm in my 30's now and I can't keep up the same diet I had in my early 20's. So, I'm going to try and be better about my choices and make it a point to get at least 20-30 minutes of exercise a day. Also, I'm the worst when it comes to drinking water because I have the bladder of a fruit fly, so I'm perpetually dehydrated. So, if you ever see me around, just tell me to drink some.

4. Go out more: This'll definitely be the biggest hurdle for me since I am a hermit down to my very core. I love nothing more than curling up on my couch in a blanket burrito. A lot of my seclusion this year was just due to not feeling comfortable around a lot of people anymore, but I want to make it a point to see my friends and make fun memories going forward.

5. Spend less: I'm not terrible with money, but I don't feel I'm particularly good with it either. I feel like there's so many better ways I can be managing it, so I want to learn how. I want to try not to spend a lot on things I only want but don't necessarily need. Especially when it comes to books. I've been pretty good about utilizing my library rather than buying tons of books every month, so I want to continue doing that. If anyone has any money saving tips, please let me know!

What're some goals you have? Lemme know!


  1. It sounds like we have some similar goals! Hopefully we can both get out more in the coming year!

  2. I never put down books I don't enjoy and I need to do this more!

    1. Seriously, I have to stop forcing myself to finish them!

  3. These goals are truly wonderful! I'm a hermit to my core too, but I found going on a walk in the morning or afternoon is a great way to break out of my shell. And I'm definitely on board with drinking more water too. Wishing you the best this year!!

  4. Heath- I am just reading this now. I am so proud of you for putting into words some of your hurdles from 2019, and I know you can overcome them in 2020 <3

    Also, for money saving: I take out cash every 2 weeks and that's my allotment for gas-groceries-socializing, and if I spend it all then I (am not supposed to anyway) try not to use my debit card. The library card trick saved me a while back from spending unnecessarily, too, so good job with that!