A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire Review

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So, I mentioned last month how much I've been loving the From Blood and Ash series by Jennifer L. Armentrout (review here), but I just can't get enough and I'm pretty much impatiently waiting for the third book after devouring A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire.

Pub Date: 9-1-20
New Adult - Fantasy/Romance

Poppy has shed her Maiden's veil and along with it all the lies that she's been fed her whole life. The Ascended are not the beings she once thought, but in reality the monsters she should've been fearing all along. She's been betrayed by everyone she's close to, but none more so than Hawke. Because the Royal Guard she's been falling for, the one she's risked everything for, is actually Casteel Da'Neer, the Prince of Atlantia, the Dark One, and he has plans in store for Poppy.

To free his brother from the clutches of the Ascended, Casteel needs a hefty bargaining chip, and he saw that in Poppy. Long before he ever got to know her, he planned to kidnap her and ransom her life for his brothers. But all that changed the moment he realized Poppy moves him and makes him feel things that no one ever has. So, Casteel changes his plans. He'll still do whatever it takes to free his brother, but he'll do it with Poppy by his side, as his wife. Needless to say, Poppy isn't thrilled with the idea of marrying the one who broke her heart so badly, but she can't resist the temptation of his touch or the yearning she feels whenever she looks at him. Soon, unrest is crawling through the kingdom as Casteel's people grow both weary and fearful of Poppy especially as her powers start to grow in ways that no one has ever seen before. With battles already fought and more on the way as the secrets of the two kingdoms fight to stay hidden, Poppy must uncover the truth about herself before it's too late.

I'm not even kidding when I say the second I finished FBAA, I started this because I just could not after that ending, and ugh, the angst in this was everything. I love how Poppy has taken control of her life and has become an even bigger badass than she was before. She is done taking everyone's crap and I'm living for it. You feel for her and her pain after learning who Hawke truly is, and her reluctance to continue falling for someone who has hurt her so badly. There was so much tension between the two and despite all the games, you still root for them to pull through. Casteel is still his cocky self, but you get a peek into his vulnerable side that I enjoyed. Aside from their relationship, I loved Poppy and Kieran. The pair just antagonize one another like siblings and it was hilarious. I still had the same few issues as with the first book, where I found some of the writing repetitive and thought the first half was a little on the slower side. However, I still loved this and I'm so intrigued by these new powers Poppy has developed and I need the next book ASAP.

Rating: 4/5


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