The Snow Child Review

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I haven't seen a lot of talk around The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey, which is a shame because it's fantastic. 

Pub Date: 2-1-12
Adult - Historical Fiction/Fantasy

After suffering a miscarriage, Jack and Mabel pack up their lives and leave the East Coast for the wilderness of Alaska looking for a fresh start. The pair weren't prepared for the hardships homesteading brings, and soon they start drifting apart: Jack, from the back-breaking work of keeping up the farm, and Mabel from the heartbreak she feels. Then, in a moment of pure joy during the first snow of the season, Jack and Mabel make a child out of snow. By morning the snow child is gone, but small tracks lead away from it, and soon the two start seeing flashes of a little girl running through the woods.

Neither one wants to admit to what they're seeing, but still, go out of their way to track down this mysterious girl, but every time they get close, she runs away. Until one day, she comes to them. Faina seems to be of another world. She has branches in her hair, hunts with a red fox, and is never bothered by the cold. As Jack and Mabel try to understand who she is and how she came to be, they grow to love her as a daughter. But they soon discover things aren't always as they seem, and despite all the happiness Faina has brought to their lives, keeping her for their own may cause more harm than good.

This book is so much more than a fairy tale retelling. It touches upon sadness, loneliness, grief, survival, but also hope and the strength of family. I enjoyed seeing Jack and Mabel grow from their pain, and how this strange little girl helped open their hearts back up to love. Faina is such an interesting character, but at times came off a little too aloof where it was hard to fully connect with her. Which is understandable given the type of character she is, but I still wanted a bit more. Aside from the characters, Ivey does a beautiful job at setting the scene and making you feel as if you're in the Alaskan wilderness. This is definitely a sadder book, but it made the story feel more grounded and real. In some ways, this felt like winter: it was bleak and gray and cold, but there's a warmth to it if you know where to look.

Rating: 4/5


  1. I have never heard of this book before! It looks good!

  2. I remember reading The Snow Child while I was still a student and loved it! Definitely should be a book that's talked about more.

    Anika |


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