August OwlCrate Review

Hello, all!

The theme for last month was "Dark Academia" and it was definitely one of my favorite boxes they've done!

The first item was this double-sided book sleeve inspired by The Raven Boys. I've actually never read this series, but you can never have too many book sleeves in my opinion.

I drink tea every single day, so you know I love getting new ones to try! I tend to stick with green or herbal teas, and this strawberry/raspberry/hibicus blend by Riddle's Tea Shoppe sounds right up my alley! It's also Truly, Devious inspired which I love. 

Another thing I can never have enough of is notebooks. This If We Were Villains one by @paperbackbones is actually a reading kit, so there's little sticky tabs you can use if you annotate your books. We love a cute and convenient item!

Then there was the third tin in their A Darker Shade of Magic collectible tins. This one is for White London, and I love how sleek and clean it looks.

How gorgeous is this metal bookmark?! It was designed by @paperbackbones and has a quote from The Secret History. I'm a little nervous about using it since it's so delicate I don't want to accidentally break it, so I may just use it as decoration.

The last item was this cute rubber book stamp created by Little Inklings Design. I was just joking with a friend about how I wanted to get one of these, so I was very excited when I saw it. 

The book for August was A Lesson in Vengeance by Victoria Lee. This is set at a prestigious boarding school with a long, dark history full of murder and witchcraft, and follows two students who will do just about anything to uncover all its secrets.

I actually read this last month and really enjoyed it (review coming soon!). It's so atmospheric and would make a perfect autumnal read. If I'm honest, I wasn't a huge fan of what OwlCrate did with the cover since it's so different than the original, but the more I look at it, the more I love it. It also has beautiful metallic silver sprayed edges and artwork on the reverse of the dust jacket.

Let me know what you thought of this box!


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