July Wrap-Up

Hello, all!

We're one month closer to fall and cool weather, and after the gross heatwave that hit New York this month, it can't come fast enough. The past few weeks, all I've wanted to do was read romance, but I finally dipped back into my fantasy bag this month and it felt so good to be back!


See You Yesterday- Rachel Lynn Solomon; 2/5
The Unsinkable Greta James- Jennifer E. Smith; 4/5
The Missed Connection- Denise Williams; 3/5
The Butterfly Garden- Dot Hutchison; 4/5
There's Someone Inside Your House- Stephanie Perkins; 2/5
Persuasion- Jane Austen; 3/5
Notes on an Execution- Danya Kukafka; 3/5
The Prison Healer- Lynette Noni; 2.5/5


Spells for Forgetting- Adrienne Young; 4/5
For Butter or Worse- Erin La Rosa; 2/5
When in Rome- Sarah Adams; 5/5
Something in the Heir- Suzanne Enoch; 2/5
The Enemy- Sarah Adams; 4/5
Witch Hat Atelier, Vol. #9; 4/5


The Poppy War- R.F. Kuang; 4/5
Funny You Should Ask- Elissa Sussman; 4/5
Among Thieves- M. J. Kuhn; 2/5
Lore Olympus, Vol. #2- Rachel Smythe; 5/5
Half a Soul- Olivia Atwater; 3/5
What Moves the Dead- T. Kingfisher; 4/5
This Vicious Grace- Emily Thiede; 3.5/5
Lakesedge- Lyndall Clipstone; 2/5
A Matter of Temptation- Stacy Reid; 3/5
The Duke's Shotgun Wedding- Stacy Reid; 2/5
Prudence- Gail Carriger; 2/5
The Lady Gets Lucky- Joanna Shupe; 4/5

Some favorites were: When in Rome, Spells for Forgetting, and This Vicious Grace. Some least favorites were: There's Someone Inside Your House, Lakesedge, and For Butter or Worse.

How was your reading month? What was your favorite/least favorite?


  1. Your rating of Lakesedge is making me nervous since I feel like we usually have pretty similar taste!

    1. I was so bummed about that one since I was really looking forward to it too!


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