Thursday, September 15, 2022

Funny You Should Ask Review

Hello, all!

What was the last book you picked up solely based on the hype? Mine was Funny You Should Ask by Elissa Sussman, and it was totally worth it!

Pub Date: 4-12-22
Adult - Contemporary

 While all her other grad school friends are nabbing book deals, Chani Horowitz is writing puff pieces and blog posts for whatever media outlet will have her. Then she gets the opportunity to interview Gabe Parker, the hottest actor in Hollywood, and her celebrity crush. Chani knows this is the chance of a lifetime and will boost her career to new heights, so the pressure is on. When Chani and Gabe meet for the interview, Chani tries to keep it professional even though she's squealing inside, but nothing could've prepared her for what was to come next. What was supposed to be an afternoon interview turns into a whirlwind weekend that gets all the tabloids buzzing.

Now, ten years later, Chani is divorced and living back in LA, ready to focus on her work. Chani has made a name for herself publishing essay collections and celebrity profiles, but the one thing anyone seems interested in is what happened between her and Gabe Parker all those years ago. Despite her hard work, Chani's whole career is linked to Gabe's. So when his PR team reaches out to recreate their famous interview, she knows she should turn it down. But she also hasn't been able to stop thinking about their time together, so she agrees. Chani knows facing Gabe again will bring all those confusing feelings back to the surface, and she wasn't counting on him to still feel the same.

I'm going to be real honest-- the only reason I picked this up was that I heard it was semi-inspired by that viral Chris Evans interview where he was flirting with the reporter, and I'm obsessed with him. I'm happy to report that this was just as delightful. It's told in alternating timelines of when Chani and Gabe first met and then their reunion a decade later. It was as if a chaotic whirlwind had swept them up and let them live out this fantastical weekend, and the fallout it left behind. It was cute watching them flirt and be playful. The sexual tension between them was palpable, but it is the slowest of slow burns. I do think you have to suspend your disbelief over the fact that they were both still hung up on the other after only spending a weekend together ten years prior, but that didn't stop me from eating this up. I also liked how this dealt with the realities of fame as well, such as addiction and gossip. Overall, it was a super fun, cute contemporary that I think would be good for fans of Emily Henry.

Rating: 4/5

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