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Hello, all!

Before we get into the books, last week I went to a tulip farm and it was so pretty! If you're from Long Island, I definitely recommend checking out Waterdrinker Farms. They have so many fun seasonal festivals. I'm not sure how long the tulips last for, but it's worth the trip!

Ok, now onto the main event. You'll notice a Star Wars theme for this haul, and that's because I've decided to challenge myself to read all the books/graphic novels that are currently in the canon timeline. I've read a decent chunk in the past, but now I've decided to read it all! I was going to go in chronological order, but I decided to forgo that and went with what my library had available.

(Massive thank you to Kristin for sharing her incredible Star Wars spreadsheet with me!)

1. Of Manners and Murder- Anastasia Hastings
2. Hotel of Secrets- Diana Biller
3. Padawan- Kiersten White
4. Star Wars: The High Republic, Vol. 1:  There is No Fear
5. Star Wars: The High Republic, Vol. 2: The Heart of Drengir
6. Star Wars: Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir
7. Star Wars, Vol. 1: Skywalker Strikes
8. Star Wars, Vol. 2: Showdown on the Smuggler's Moon
9. Star Wars, Vol. 3: Rebel Jail
10. Master & Apprentice- Claudia Gray


  1. I've been wanting to check out Waterdrinker Farms!

  2. It's fantastic that you're trying to read a wider variety of books. Readers seek out and support books published by underrepresented authors since representation in writing is essential. I must add a few of the books you listed to my reading list. Dissertation Help Online


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