Operation: Tackle the TBR

Hello, all!

I keep a Notion sheet of all the physical books I own, and I always check them off once I finish reading them. This gave me the idea of checking how many unread books I own, and oh mylanta, I was embarrassed by the amount.

Currently, I own 483 books and just over 200 of them are unread. (Yikes!) One of my goals over the last few years has always been to read more of what I own, and obviously, I'm not sticking to that. So I decided to make a TBR jar with all my unread titles. Now, whenever I can't think of what to read next, I can just pick a random one out.

My plan is to pick out at least 3 per month, so I can slowly whittle down that number. Fingers crossed I can make a dent by the end of the year! 

Do you keep track of your unread books?


  1. Good luck!! I keep track of all of my unread books in a spreadsheet (and I'm also alarmed by the number I have and trying to whittle away at them!).


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