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Pub Date: 11-14-23
Adult - Contemporary

Next Door Nemesis- Alexa Martin: Collins Carter always knew she wasn't meant for life in suburbia. She hightailed it out of her Midwestern town the moment she could with dreams of Hollywood. But after a video of her goes viral (and not in a good way), Collins finds herself right back in her childhood bedroom. The only thing worse than dodging her mother's good-natured attempts at helping or tending the garden with her father is her ex-best friend-turned-nemesis now living next door. All Nathaniel Adams wanted was a quiet life. Or at least that's what he thought until he crossed paths again with Collins. The pair used to be attached at the hip, but now seeing one another causes hackles to rise. After a run-in causes Collins to run against Nate to become HOA president, all bets are off. Neither are above sinking to the lowest levels to win, and it doesn't take long for their hate to turn into something more.

The premise of this sounded too good to ignore. I loved the idea of childhood friends turned enemies now competing against one another for a HOA title. There was so much animosity between Collins and Nate over a misunderstanding when they were teens. The air between them was rife with tension, and it led to some petty interactions between the two. I thought both were a bit immature and childish. It felt like they were being spiteful just for the sake of it. I think that was the main reason it was difficult for me to root for the romance. It was fine, but not my favorite. I would've liked it more had it been dual POV. However, I did love the relationships between Collins and her parents and with Ashleigh. While it's not a new favorite, I'd recommend it as a quick rivals-to-lovers romance.

Rating: 2/5

*Big thanks to the publisher for the copy!

Pub Date: 6-27-23
Adult - Contemporary

The Seven year Slip- Ashley Poston: Clementine used to enjoy every moment of life. She would travel and make art and live loudly, but she lost her enthusiasm after the passing of her aunt. Clementine's aunt always told her she needed at least one big dream to keep going, so Clementine has thrown herself into advancing her career in book publishing. But Clementine's life is thrown for a loop when she finds a strange man living in her apartment. Clementine never believed her aunt when she said her apartment was magic until she met Iwan. Clementine and Iwan hit it off, and it doesn't take long before feelings start to grow, but there's a problem-- Iwan lives seven years in the past. So when their paths converge in Clementine's present, is fate bringing them together, or is the timing all wrong?

I liked this, but I wasn't as taken as everyone else. I thought the premise was interesting and a different take on time travel than I've seen before. I loved the idea of this apartment existing in two different timelines. You never knew when you would open the door and be in the past, so there was always this anticipation of when it would happen. I kept holding my breath to see if this would be the time Clementine and Iwan would reunite. Their relationship was sweet and had me smiling the whole time. I wish we got to see a little more of it in the present timeline, but I still liked how it all came together. If you like cozy romance with a dash of magical realism, I would recommend picking it up.

Rating: 3/5

Pub Date: 3-23-23
Adult - Historical Romance

The Duchess Takes a Husband- Harper St. George: Camille has always been an outsider, and that didn't change once she became the Duchess of Hereford. The title may make her a prominent guest at all the ton's events, but her American mannerism and growing interest in the suffragette movement keep her on the outskirts of the ballrooms. Camille decides to use this to her advantage to get what she's always wanted. As the owner of a gaming hell, Jacob Thorne is used to his patrons wanting to strike a deal, but none are as outrageous as Camille's. Jacob is looking to invest in a new endeavor, but his reputation is a hindrance, so Camille offers to pretend to be Jacob's respectable fiancĂ©, and in return, he'll teach her the pleasures of the bedroom. Jacob and Camille had no plans to fall in love, but it seems inevitable when the stakes are so high.

I'm new to this series and have only read one other book, but I like it so far. St. George's writing is so breezy and easy to fall into. I read most of this in one sitting without even realizing it. It also helps that this has one of my favorite histrom tropes of a wallflower getting seduction lessons from a rogue. I eat that trope up every time. I thought Camille was great. I loved watching her blossom into an independent woman who's not afraid to stand up for what she wants. I also enjoyed watching her find a passion within the suffragette movement. I liked her relationship with Jacob and thought they had great chemistry. I don't think that'll be a new favorite, but it was entertaining, and I'm looking forward to finishing the series.

Rating: 3/5

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