Top 5: Zombie Apocalypse Team Members

I have a confession to make: I spend a lot of time thinking about what I would do if a zombie apocalypse ever broke out. Whenever I used to get bored at work, I would try to design the best possible escape routes in case my building came under attack, I would argue with friends over the best weapon of choice (FYI, katana sword. Ain't no one got time to worry about their weapons running out of ammo), and I've made countless lists as to which fictional characters I would want on my side of the fight. Here are just a few:

Buffy Summers:  This is a gal who knows a thing or two about apocalypses, I mean she did stop at least six being the Slayer and all. She's a great fighter, good with weapons and she's sure to make some excellent puns while she's at it.

Sam and Dean Winchester: Killing monsters is what these guys do (Saving people, hunting things- the family business!) They have the knowledge, the tools and the will power to fight until the very end and that kinda perseverance is good for morale. They've never let the other give up on anything, which is the sort of mentality one is looking for when faced with an apocalypse. Not to mention they have an awesome bunker that's filled with weapons, reference material, and who knows what else that would probably come in handy.

Ash Williams: He did face an army of Deadites and succeed, so fighting evil dead (pun intended) things is pretty much in his wheelhouse. Besides, chainsaw for one hand, shotgun boomstick in the other, need I say more?

Tallahassee: Have you ever seen Zombieland? He is well-versed in the ways of the "Double Tap." The man knows what he's doing.

Oliver Queen: If being tortured for 5 years on a hellish island taught him anything, it was how to survive. Fighting for his life is not new to him. During his time on the island, he didn't have any food or shelter, so he had to improvise and fend for himself. He's like Bear Grylls with a bow and arrow. He's smart and resourceful and definitely an asset when it comes to fighting.

Who would you want on your zombie fighting team? Let me know!


  1. I think this is a solid team! I think I'd have The Winchesters, plus Katniss, Tony Stark, and Daryl Dixon of course! LOL

  2. Yes, Tallahassee would be my number one compadre! I love this post by the way, I too often think of escape routes and how'd I survive if there was an apocalypse like right NOW


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