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I woke up this morning to a big ol' blizzard outside. Now, normally I wouldn't need any reason to just sit inside and read, but something about having 14+ inches and more still coming down, makes me feel justified in doing just that.

You guys might know that I've done a book haul a couple of times before, and since I received a few Barnes and Noble gift cards for Christmas, I figured I'd keep this going. Plus, I'm super nosy and love watching haul videos/looking to see what people buy, and I thought you guys might like it, too!

As always, if any of you are reading anything good, please let me know! :]

1. The Invasion of the Tearling - Erika Johansen: This is the sequel to The Queen of the Tearling, and focuses on the young Kelsea as she comes into her own and assumes the responsibilities as Queen of the Tearling. In the first book, she crosses the brutal Red Queen of the neighboring kingdom of Mortmesne when she stops the shipment of slaves from being sent. This obviously pisses the scary evil queen with the dark magical powers (because of course she has to have dark magic -- she's an evil queen) off, and she decides to invade the Tearling and y'know, pillage, plunder, take back what's hers, all that stuff. While getting ready for the attack, Kelsea finds herself drawn to a mysterious woman named Lily, who's story may be the only thing that could not only save the kingdom, but Kelsea herself.

2. The Portable Henry Rollins: I've always been a huge fan of Henry Rollins -- I don't care if it's Black Flag, The Chase, or even 10 Things You Don't Know About, if it has to do with Rollins, I'm down. I have other books that he's written, but this one takes the best of all of them (including some new photos and stories) and rolls it into one beautiful yet heartbreaking, funny yet eye-opening, in-your-face, can't-put-down, walk through Rollins' head.

3. Where Did You Sleep Last Night - Lynn Crosbie: I was initially drawn to this book because of the Kurt Cobain imagery and that that's one of my favorite Nirvana songs (I know it's technically a cover, but whatever.) Then I proceeded to read how it was about a teenage girl who decides to start a relationship with the spirit of the dead frontman, and I knew I was going to love it. Evelyn Gray is a young girl who overdoses and while she's in the hospital, swears that the spirit of Kurt Cobain comes to her, hitches a ride in the body in the bed next to her, and the two run off and go on a wild chase for fame and freedom. They end up finding musical fame (because, duh, one is possessed by Kurt freakin' Cobain) but end up being torn apart by passion and jealousy, and you get the idea. It's basically an episode of Behind the Music in book format.

4. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - Seth Grahame-Smith: I love Pride and Prejudice. It's my go-to snowy day movie actually, and I do love me a horror aspect, so adding zombies is like adding a little cherry on my already lovely sundae. This one is pretty much self-explanatory: you've got Elizabeth, you've got Mr. Darcy, but you just also so happen to have a plague that forces all the dead in Meryton to rise and start munchin' away on people. I've been meaning to pick this one up for a while now, and I figured what better time than right before the movie comes out. Side note, has anyone seen the trailer yet? I'm diggin' it.

5. Run With the Hunted - Charles Bukowski: Here's another one of my favorites. I love Bukoswki; he's crass, he's a drunk, he's an angry old man but he's entertaining. This is another one that takes the best poems, short stories and novels and puts them all together in one place. The book almost reads as a biography of Bukowski's work, starting from the early years and working your way through all the milestone highs and lows of his life. This would be a good piece of work to introduce someone to the dirty old man, or just for fans who like to have a collection of everything right at their fingertips.


  1. I just finished Armada and I loved it! Thought the whole end of the book was really sad. Started reading Devil in the White City. Its about a serial killer in Chicago during the world's fair in 1893.

    1. Right?! I thought it wrapped everything up nicely even though it was sad, glad you liked it!

      I'm definitely gonna need to pick that book up cause it sounds awesome.


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