5 Fandom Friday: 5 Things in My Purse at All Times

Hello all!

It's been a while since I did a 5FF, and this one seemed fun for a nosy person like myself. For some reason, seeing what people carry with them always fascinates me. I'm definitely one of those people who carries way too much stuff in their bag; I get that from my Mom, who I'm pretty sure bought her bag from the same store as Mary Poppins. I will say though, I have gotten a bit better -- I used to carry an umbrella with me everywhere and was laughed at, until it started raining out of nowhere one day and I was the only dry one (WHO'S LAUGHING NOW, GUYS?!)

Anyways, here's just a few of my essentials that I always have with me:

1. Notebook/pen: I'm always scribbling down random ideas that pop into my head, or making lists of things, so I always make sure to have something to write on in my bag.

2. Tiny Medicine Cabinet: Whatever ails you, I probably have the cure. Whether you need a cough drop, a Tums, a band-aid, tissue, have a headache or you're allergies are killing you -- I gotchu covered.

3. Perfume: I've always been paranoid about being a smelly kid, so I literally keep a spray (and travel deodorants) everywhere. I keep one in my bag, one in my car-- anywhere I can stash one, really. Now, I should point out that I've never actually been the smelly kid, and that's the way I'd like to stay.

4. Chapstick: This is an absolute must for me. I always get the driest lips, especially in the wintertime, so I go through Chapstick like no one's business. I've tried tons of different brands, but none have ever worked as well as the Carmex brand, so if you have chapped lips, I'd definitely recommend checking that brand out.

5. Wallet: Well, this one's a no brainer.

What essentials do you guys keep with you? Lemme know!


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