Let's Talk: Captain America: Civil War

Hello all!

So, I'm not sure if anyone's heard, but earlier this week Marvel announced a new series that's starting about how good ol' American boy, Steve Rogers aka Captain America, has really been a Hydra agent this whole time. (For more info on that, check out this Time article here.)

After I got over my world turing upside-down, I realized that I never actually put up my thoughts on the new Cap movie. So, that's what I'm gonna do!

As much as I love movies, I kinda sorta hate going to the movies. I think it's because I just can't spend $20 on a ticket when I could just wait a few months and watch the DVD in the comforts of my own bed. Also, because I'm lazy. So, the fact that I went multiple times to see Civil War, should just tell you that I loved it.

I was fairly familiar with the premise of Civil War from the comics, but to see it unfold on screen was so much better that I could've expected. Honestly, I think this is probably one of the best films that Marvel has brought out so far. Every other film seems to focus on the heroes fighting the good fight and beating the bad guys, but this one really touches on that "collateral damage" aspect of what they do, and I'm not just talking about how many buildings they take out, but how many lives get lost in the cross hairs.

I love how Tony Stark is so adamant about them all signing the Sokovia Accords and having a higher government power to answer to, because he seems like the one who would never want to answer to anyone, but it's the total opposite. Instead of being a selfish egomaniac, he's thinking about all the people who suffer at the hands of what the Avengers have done, and really tries to convince his fellow teammates into doing what he feels is the best course of action. It's really Cap who has such a hard time falling in line, which is funny since he's the soldier, he's the one who you would think would just salute and take orders. The whole sha-bang obviously draws a huge line in the sand between the team, and instead of standing up to defeat a big bad together, they're instead fighting amongst themselves. Which, if you've ever had a fight with a friend, you know that's the worst type of fight there is.

There were a ton of elements in the film that I loved. One of which was that I felt like every character got just the right amount of attention while still maintaing a coherent plot line. I loved watching Scarlet Witch struggle with the consequences of her powers; Vision trying to understand humanity; Black Widow not being able to fully chose a side; Cap desperately trying to do the right thing by Bucky and Tony just not understanding his choice; and last but definitely not least, Black Panther. Lemme just say that again- BLAAAAAAACK PAAAAAANTHER. Oh my God. How dope was he?! Even just the suit was mind blowing to me, and his moves? That part when he's fighting Bucky and his legs go all over the place like an action figure? It's a wrap. So good.

Of course the action was great, but that's no surprise. I loved the huge showdown at the airport where you got to really see both teams go at it. Not to mention, how adorable was Tom Holland as Spider-Man? I had heard a few people say he was really good in the role, and I have to say I was pleased. I know it's kind've hard to breathe fresh life into a roll that's been so overly done, but I think he'll bring an awkward little quirk to Peter Parker. I also like all the one-liners he had throughout the fight because let's be real, you know dang well if you're a teenage kid who just got thrown in with the Avengers, you'd be freaking out the whole time too. Oh, and Paul Rudd. Just, Paul Rudd.

Just like every other Marvel movie, you can't have action without a little heartbreak. Watching Rhody falling through the sky after Vision accidentally hits him with a blast and then crash landing in a big crater was like a knife to the heart. Then, as if that wasn't enough, Tony finding out Bucky killed his parents when he was the brainwashed Winter Soldier was just the little twist to finish ya off.

Also, for those not familiar with the prison that Wanda, Clint, Sam and Scott were thrown in to- that's the Raft. It's the super-villain prison, it's for the likes of Killgrave (ya know, David Tennant for those Jessica Jones fans) and Juggernaut, not for the Avengers. Putting them in there is absurd and such a slap in the face, and I was super happy when Steve busted them out in the end.

Basically, just to reiterate, I absolutely loved Civil War. The managed to make the heroes we've grown to know and love and root for, become both protagonist and antagonist and go against each other in the biggest show down thus far. The story was great, the characters were great, the action was great, and I can't wait to see what's in store next.

Have you all seen it? What'dya think? Lemme know!


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