Let's Talk: Pokémon Go

Hello all!

So I'm a bit late on writing about this, but it's only because I've been so obsessed. For those who don't know, Nintendo dropped Pokémon Go about two weeks ago, and I can't. Stop. Playing.

I will admit, I actually wasn't super into it when I first heard about it. I figured it'd eat up all my storage and data on my phone, and I didn't think it was worth it. If it wasn't for my friend peer pressuring me into downloading it, and then confusing me into picking Squirtle for my starter when everyone knows I always go Charmander (still bitter about that), I'd probably have way more free time on my hands. But alas, I want to be the very best like no one ever was.

It took me a while to get the feel for everything, and to be honest it still takes me one or two tries to throw my Poké balls correctly, but I'm really into this game. I was such a huge Pokémon fan growing up-- I watched the cartoon, I had a ton of Pokémon gear including a creepy eyed Pikachu ring, and not only did I have binders filled with cards (one of my most prized possessions is a holographic Charizard card) but my brother and I actually battled with them the way you were supposed to. Basically, this is just another step towards actually feeling like a real Pokémon trainer and I am all about it. It also answered my question of yes, there really are freakin' Pidgeys EV-ER-Y-WHERE.

I also found out that my job is a gym, so I'm pretty sure that means I can tell people I go to the gym everyday. (I mean, totally the same thing, right?) I'm almost to level 7 but I actually haven't joined a team yet to be able to battle in the gyms, I don't really know why. I think it's cause I'm terrible at making decisions and I just don't know which team to go for.

My biggest issue with the game though is the same as everyone else's-- it is soooo glitchy. I think I've spent more time being kicked off the server than I have actually playing. Also, when I first downloaded it, I went back in that night and all the Pokémon I had caught that day were gone and it wouldn't even pick up my location. Luckily, after a while everything came back, but still it was so annoying. I've noticed the past few days haven't been too terrible, but I've probably just jinxed myself, so that's cool.

Have any of you been playing? What do you think?


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