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Hello, all!

Have you guys watched/been watching the new Netflix Original Series, Stranger Things? If so, OH MY GOD RIGHT?!, if not please drop everything and watch the 8 episodes right now because you will not be disappointed. I was hooked right from the opening title sequence. I knew a few people who had heard of the show prior to it being released on the 15th, but I actually knew nothing about it before going in, and I kinda liked that more since I had no idea what to expect and was totally blown away by it.

Everything about this show was perfection to me. From the 80s nostalgia, to the creepy sci-fi elements, to the actors. Let's touch on that last one for a moment, the majority of the cast are young kids and they're all amazing. They're funny and they make their characters feel real, like they could be any kids on your block. The real stand out for me though was Millie Bobby Brown who plays Eleven (or El as the boys call her), she was so captivating. She had such an intense quality about her, whether she was flipping a van over with her mind, or just quietly crouched in a corner. I was impressed with all the cast, but she was really top notch for me.

Basically, without trying to give too much of it away, the show takes place in Indiana during the 80s and is such an homage to 80s pop culture and cult sci-fi classics. The series starts with a young boy, Will Byers, crossing paths with this large monster and mysteriously vanishing and his three friends stumbling upon a girl with telekinetic powers in the woods while they're trying to find him.

Will's mother, Joyce, played by Winona Rider, understandably goes a bit frantic when she finds out her son is missing and enlists the help of the police chief Jim Hopper to find him. Joyce is fully convinced that her son is still alive and stuck somewhere. She swears she can hear his breathing when she receives weird phone calls, and that the flickering lights are him trying to communicate with her. This leads to Hopper, and pretty much everyone else including her other son Jonathan, thinking she's outta her bird. Then Hopper veers from the more by-the-book police work and starts his own investigation and after some digging, comes to the conclusion that Joyce's suspicions are actually totally valid.

Meanwhile, while the adults are doing their thing, Will's best friends Mike, Dustin and Lucas take Eleven back to Mike's where they quickly find out she may have information that could help lead them to Will. It turns out she escaped from "the bad place" and has some pretty serious government people willing to do whatever it takes to get her back. Mike hides her in his basement, gaining her trust and friendship, and together the four of them decided to find Will themselves.

Will isn't the only casualty of this monster, either. Mike's older sister, Nancy, is one of those good girl types who gets a little attention from the cool guy and sort of forgets what's important, and unfortunately her best friend Barb is the one who pays for it. While at a party at Nancy's boyfriend's house, Barb cuts her hand and while going to fix it up, the rest of them all jump in the pool. Once Barb is done, she catches Nancy running up the stairs and tells Barb to leave. Barb obviously being a good friend and not wanting to leave her friend, instead goes out and sits by the pool, and a drop of blood falls into the water and boom-- bye Barb. This causes Nancy to team up with Jonathan and they both make it a priority to find the monster and kill him.

I'll fast-forward a bit cause I don't want to spoil the whole thing for everyone-- Basically, the boys, along with Eleven, Nancy, Jonathan, Hopper and Joyce hatch a plan to take down the monster as well as the equally creepy government people to hopefully bring their friends back. Also, the finale leaves things a bit open-ended and so I'm gonna need Netflix to release a second series like now.

So, to sum up, if you're a fan of the 80s classics or supernatural/sci-fi stuff you'll love Stranger Things.  The cinematography is great, the music choices go so well, and just the story line as a whole is amazing.

If you've watched it, lemme know what you thought!


  1. Great rave about Stranger Things! I just finished watching and writing about it, and couldn't agree more. It was such a fun show to watch. The cast was great, the story was scary but had plenty of adventure and humor. Season two is going to be awesome! :D

    1. I can't wait for season 2! I have so many questions I need answered!


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