BookCon 2017

Hello, all!

I am a huge lover of books. Like, massive. A bookworm to the core and proud of it. My favorite thing to do when I was younger was going to the library. (Who am I kidding? It's still one of my favorite things.) I've always kept track of how many books I've read in a month, trying to push myself into reading more the next month. I've always felt a certain comfort from books, and even now, just walking into a library and running my fingers over the spines or the smell of a bookstore, will immediately relax me.

This past weekend, I went to my very first BookCon, and lemme just say, it was awesome. For those who might not know, BookCon is basically just a Comic Con, but with books. For two days, the Javits Center in NYC plays host to publishers, authors, book subscription services, numerous panels/meet-ups, and other fun stuff all in the name of literature. It's a book lovers dream.

The smell of books and bindings hits you the second you walk onto the show floor (Is there any better smell than that?) and everywhere you look you're met with rows and rows of books. I was a little overwhelmed walking through because I just didn't know where to begin. It had turned out everyone that I wanted to see-- Bill Nye, Krysten Ritter, Sarah Dessen, Kendare Blake, and a few others-- were actually only there on Sunday and I only had a Saturday pass, but there was still plenty for me to do/see.

Every direction you turned there was either a wheel to spin to get free goodies, or a table full of free bookmarks, totes and even one that had free mints (so thoughtful.) Even though I didn't go to any of the panels, since again all my people weren't there, the few I walked passed seemed interesting. I went around to a lot of the publishing houses that were there (aside from the big ones like Scholastic and Random House, they even had smaller international ones as well which was cool) and found that anytime you bought something from one of their booths, you got a free tote bag. Not even those flimsy cheap ones either, but the nice canvas ones! I was super impressed. Who doesn't love a tote bag, right?

I was very proud of myself that I didn't end up buying every little thing I saw. Aside from books, there were so many vendors selling book-related merch like shirts, pins, posters, etc. Needless to say, I loved it all. I ended up buying a shirt that said "Book Worm" because it matched my tattoo and it was just so fitting, a pin set from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, another pin that says "Never Tell Me The Odds" and Peter Pan and Classic Horror Stories books which are leather bound and have quotes from each embossed on the covers. *insert heart-eye emoji*

This con was definitely not as crowded as Comic Con, but it still was jam packed with everything a book lover could want. There was such a wide variety of people attending and you could just feel the excitement and joy they were feeling. Anywhere you looked there was either rows of books, someone reading a book, or people talking about books. It really was a book lovers dream and I can't wait for next year.

Here are just a few snaps I took, I didn't get much unfortunately because I was just way too overwhelmed haha.


  1. Wow, what a great trip! BookCon is on my bucket list. I love that you can smell books when you first enter. Sounds like a dream! Thanks for sharing! :D

    1. It was great, I hope you get to go sometime!


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