Sunday, October 8, 2017

NY Comic Con 2017

Hello, all!

It's that wonderful time of year when all the nerds and geeks descend on the Javits Center in the city for four days and rejoice in all that Comic Con has to offer. I've been to a few smaller cons, but this was only my second time going to the NYC one, and man, was I in my glory the entire time.

I opted out of going to the panels this year, only because there wasn't too many yesterday that I wanted to see, and to be honest, the whole to-do of even getting into the panels is enough to make my head spin. I had just as much fun going around to all the booths all day as I would've sitting in one of the panel rooms anyways, so it didn't matter much to me.

One of my favorite parts of Comic Con is that at any given moment anywhere you look, there's something to do or something to see. Whether it's someone in a ridiculously amazing cosplay or a chance to win crazy prizes. All the artists and exhibitors are always so nice and friendly whenever you go up to their booths, and seem genuinely excited that you took the time to stop by. I got to see Chris Claremont, who created some of my favorite X-Men, just signing comic books; I got Scott C., who does the cutest pop culture drawings, to draw a portrait of me and he didn't even charge me for it; I got to see some of my other favorite comic book artists just hanging out; I got to take a picture with BB-8 and see tons of movie props; I even found a booth that sold tea based on Hogwarts and Doctor Who and so much more; I got some really great art prints and shirts. All in all, it was a great day.

Like the last time I went, I didn't take too many pictures because I just walk around in awe most of the time and forget to, haha, but here are a few. Enjoy!


  1. I love your photos! I barely took any this year so it's nice to see everyone's pics!

    1. Thank you! I know, I always mean to take way more than I actually do, but end up forgetting haha