Top 5: Cozy Movies

Hello, all and Happy New Year!

I figured what better way to ring in the new year than with my favorite thing: lists. And with all the snow that's hit the North East lately, I thought that it should be dedicated to those movies that just make you want to curl up under a blanket and get comfy.

1. Pride and Prejudice: I don't really know what it is about the snow, but whenever it starts coming down, I automatically want to get the biggest blanket I can find, make a cuppa tea and watch this movie. I know everyone loves Mr. Darcy, and don't get me wrong I do love me some Darcy, but I just can't help but love everything about how adorably awkward Mr. Bingley is.

2. You've Got Mail: Oh, Tom Tom Tommy Hanks, how I love thee. This is one of those movies that whenever it's on TV, no matter what I'm doing, I have to stop and watch it.

3. The Holiday: Now, there are some points to this movie that annoy me. Namely, the time frame. Like, you hear Kate Winslet say that her and Cameron Diaz are swapping houses for two weeks, yet how is it possible for her to befriend and get Arthur into shape for his Screenwriters' Guild celebration in that short of a time frame?! I can never get over that, but boy, do I love this movie regardless.

4. Great British Bake Off: Ok, so I'm cheating a tad with this one since it's a TV program, but I just love it so much! I've been baking since I was young and it's one of my favorite things to do, and I'm obsessed with baking shows. I'm also in love with most British things, so when you put the two together it's just the best. Plus, Mel and Sue just have the best puns and you know how I love me some puns.

5. Harry Potter Series: As if I was gonna have a list of cozy movies without adding Harry Potter. You can throw on any of these movies and I would be the happiest. Even Goblet of Fire which isn't my favorite cause I just can't with Harry and Ron's hair. Everything about Harry Potter is just instantly calming and comforting to me, so really just any excuse for me to put one on is good enough for me.

Do you have any specific movies you like to watch? Lemme know!


  1. Ok these are fantastic movie choices. 1- my roommates made me sit and watch pride and prejudice last year because I have never seen it !!
    I was obsessed with you’ve got mail when I was younger and if it’s on TV, no matter which part
    It’s on I’ll be glued
    The TV.
    I LOVE THE HOLIDAY!!!!!! Even though it’s fairly unrealistic!!
    Good choices.

    1. Thaaanks booboo! And I like your roommates even more now for making you watch Pride and Prejudice!

  2. Awesome list, thanks for the reccs! :)

    I've yet to see Pride and Prejudice, and never heard of The Holiday. Will have to see if they're on Netflix.

    I have a seven year old nephew who has yet to see Harry Potter... am wondering if it's time to finally introduce the series to him. :D

    1. Oh my gosh, I think it's definitely time to introduce him to Harry Potter! I'm pretty sure The Holiday is on Netflix (I mean, it was at some point haha), I hope you like it! :]

  3. Awesome list!! The Holiday is one of my absolute favourite films, so great pick! :) I like the Pride and Prejudice version from the picture that you chose, it's very entertaining.

    1. Thanks! That's my favorite Pride and Prejudice version as well :]


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