Saturday, May 12, 2018

Let's Talk: A Court of Frost and Starlight

Hello, all!

I know I've mentioned on here before how much I love the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas, but let me just reiterate-- I LOVE the ACOTAR series. (Imagine the little clapping emoji in between each word for extra emphasis.)

I actually bought ACOTAR at my jobs book fair about 2 years ago cause I liked the cover artwork, little did I know it'd turn into one of my favorite book series. When I finally got around to reading it, I devoured it. Right from the jump, I was pulled into the story and the characters and Prythian itself. Feyre is one of my favorite characters; she's strong, fiercely loyal and always has a sassy line to throw at everyone.

Throughout the series, I grew to love Feyre and Rhysand's relationship, not just them together (which is amazing on its own) but their relationships with everyone else, especially those in their Inner Circle (Feyre and Cassian together is always fun.) I knew once the series ended I'd be losing my mind, so you can't even begin to understand how happy I was to hear it'd pick up again, this time focusing on the relationships between other characters, starting with A Court of Frost and Starlight which came out at the beginning of the month.

It's no surprise that once I received my copy in the mail, I dropped everything and dove right back into the Night Court. The story takes place a little while after the events of ACOWAR, and you can tell that everyone is still reeling from the war and trying to recoup and rebuild as best they can. Despite how low spirits might be, the Winter Solstice is near and everyone is looking forward to a little well-deserved reprieve. However, the celebration can't stop the dark feelings from creeping in, and as Feyre tries to find her footing as High Lady of the Night Court, she realizes the emotional scars run deep within those closest to her.

Even though this was only a novella, and I definitely wish I could've had more, I felt like it was a perfect way to wrap up the first trilogy. I love how Maas writes her characters in a way that makes them feel real and in a way that connects you to them. I absolutely loved coming back to these characters and seeing how each of them were doing and how they're coping (or not coping) with the trauma they all shared. Again, it was such a beautiful way to feel more for these characters. Aside from the emotion, all the great witty banter you expect from them all were there and it was just a perfect combination of humor and heart.

And the little excerpt from the next series was everything! I cannot wait to see how Cassian and Nesta fare when shoved together in close proximity because I actually love the idea of them together. They're both two stubborn, hard-headed characters and I so hope that they have a mating bond for real because I don't think anyone besides Cassian can deal with Nesta's icy (and a bit bratty) demeanor. Basically, I need the full book like, right now.

Has anyone else read this? Or any of the series? If not, I definitely recommend it!

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