Game of Thrones Collectors Box

Hello, all!

I'm not sure if you all know this, but I'm a huge Game of Thrones fan. I've read all of the books, watched the entire series, and am a ride or die Stark. When I was purchasing tickets for this years BookCon (which didn't end up happening 😢), I noticed they were offering a GoT collectors box and it was pretty inexpensive, so I thought "What they hey?" and got it. I wasn't expecting much out of it, but I ended up being super impressed with what I received.

First up we had this shirt with all the major house crests on it. The quality is really nice and soft, which I love, so I know it's going to be a great comfy shirt.

I'm such a sucker for a map of fantasy lands, and I'm in love with this one of Westeros. It's also limited edition and hand numbered. I can't wait to frame and hang this up.

Arya is one of my favorite GoT characters, so I was so hyped to get this copy of the Iron Coin of the Faceless Man. I'm so excited to display this on my shelves.

I love a replica prop! Not only did we get the coin, but there was also a reproduction of Robert Baratheon's will. It's surprisingly good quality and came closed with a wax seal with the Baratheon crest as well.

What's a GoT box without including the man himself? I think this sticker of George RR Martin is so funny and can't wait to put it in my reading journal.

My favorite item in the box was, of course, the special edition of A Song of Ice and Fire. This edition is absolutely gorgeous. It's bound in an eco-trim fiber which sort of mocks the feeling of really old leather, so it's so soft and supple. There's gilded foil edges, illustrations throughout (both in color and black and white), maps on the endpapers and a ribbon bookmark.

I'm just completely obsessed with this edition and haven't stopped looking at it since I got it. I actually don't own any of the physical books (I have them all as e-books), so I'm very excited that I can add this beautiful copy to my shelves.

The box also came with an online course code for learning Dothraki, so I may need to learn a new language during quarantine. Overall, I'm really pleased with this box and so shocked at how nice the quality of everything was especially since it wasn't that expensive. Lemme know if you're a GoT fan and what you thought of this box!


  1. That book looks amazing!

  2. I have the first GoT book and I haven't read it yet. It seems like a huge commitment and I'm not sure I can do it right now.

    1. It definitely took me a long while to get through all of them. There's so many characters and details that it can be super intimidating, but worth it!


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