Friday, July 31, 2020

Nerdy Ink Harry Potter Covers

Hello, all!

JK Rowling has always and will always be a trash person. But what isn't trash are the cover redesigns that Nerdy Ink brought out for the US Harry Potter hardcovers. I had seen these covers floating around but never knew where to get them. When I finally found them, they were sadly sold out. Cut to me obsessively checking all their social media in hopes of a re-release, and ordering them the very minute they did.

I'm so in love with these new covers, I can't stop staring at them on my bookshelves. The artwork is beautiful. There are so many tiny details and you can tell that so much thought was put into them. Unfortunately, I do think they're sold out again, but check out their site for any updates and maybe you can snag your own at some point!

You can check out all the covers below! Lemme know which is your favorite!


  1. These are pretty. I currently don't own the HP books, but I also don't want to buy them brand new either.

    1. Yeah, definitely All of mine are from when they first came out. I think they're all on Thrift Book for pretty cheap.