Monday, December 21, 2020

Got Bit By the Redecorating Bug

Hello, all!

I don't know about anyone else, but after quarantining for 9 months now, I've gotten pretty sick of staring at the same four walls all day everyday. When I first started working from home back in March, I did everything in my room. I'd work at my desk during the day, and then move to my bed afterwards to watch TV or read, so things got old real quick.

I decided a few things then: 1. I had to find somewhere else to work (I've since moved to my dining room), and 2. My room needed a spruce up. So, I've slowly been trying to revamp. I started with new bedding, then a new bookcase and record storage, and a few new fake plants (I really wish I could get real plants, but alas, I was cursed with a black thumb).

My next step is decor, so I was super excited to get to work with Photowall for this post. (Big thank you to them!) Photowall is a wonderful site that has everything from wall murals and wallpaper to canvas prints and posters. They have such a vast collection of designs so there's sure to be something for everyone. 

I love a print, so I was instantly drawn to that section. There were so many to chose from, but once I saw this Elton John one I knew that was it. I love how minimalistic it is and "Tiny Dancer" is one of my all-time favorite songs. I also think it pairs well with this Parlour Tattoo Prints Johnny Cash print I've had for years.

There's options on the site to get your print framed, but I opted to do it myself since I like all my prints to have the same frames, but they did look like really nice quality. Since there's so many different sections to peruse, I think these would make the perfect gift for anyone in your life. The prices are also super reasonable. You can check out their site here (if you use the code 'nerdybynatureblog2020' you can also get 25% off!), and once again, huge thank you to them for working with me!

Has anyone else been updating their spaces during quarantine? If so, let me know what you've done!


  1. I love that quote poster!! So cute!!
    I haven't updated any spaces except for with clutter this year lol