The Soulmate Equation Review

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Whenever I see a new Christina Lauren book on Netgalley, I can't hit the request button fast enough. Big thanks to them for the copy of The Soulmate Equation!

Pub Date: 5-18-21
Adult - Contemporary

Jess Davis is a single mother who would rather spend her free time crunching numbers than going on dates. Numbers and data are dependable, unlike most people in Jess's life. When she was younger, her hard-partying mother was never in the picture, so Jess was raised by her grandparents-- who now help Jess raise her seven-year-old daughter, Juno. Jess knows what it feels like to be left behind, and she refuses to let anyone disrupt the careful balance she's created. But as happy and content as she is, she still gets lonely.

When Jess learns about a new matchmaking company called GeneticAlly which can determine your soulmate based on your DNA, she's hesitant, to say the least. After some prodding from her best friend, Jess sends in her sample not expecting to be matched with the founder of the company, Dr. River Pena at an unheard of 98%. Jess can't wrap her head around the situation, especially since River is the same broody quiet man who frequents the same coffee shop as her every morning. To prove the data GeneticAlly proposes an experiment: they'll pay Jess to spend time getting to know River. Despite her skepticism, Jess is in no position to turn down their offer, and as the pair grow closer, neither can deny that science might be on to something.

I'm such a sucker for CLo books and this was no exception. It's just so effortless to fall into their stories and every character always feels relatable in some way. I loved how nerdy both Jess and River were and how they connected over data and numbers. It was so cute watching their relationship develop and I thought they balanced each other out very well. River also had that shy quality that I find so endearing in love interests. I also loved the family dynamic between Jess, her daughter, and her grandparents. Her daughter was especially adorable and had me smiling the whole time. My only slight critique was that a lot of the statistical information went over my head because I don't have a numbers brain, but I can appreciate just how much research went into making sure all the science was correct. Aside from that, I thought this was highly enjoyable.

Rating: 4/5


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