Make Your Own Cemeterrarium

Hello, all!

You all know how much I love anything spooky, so when I was browsing Pintrest and saw a photo where someone took a terrarium but made it into a cemetery scene, I knew I needed to try my hand at making one. It was so fun (and ridiculously easy!) to make and you can fully customize it to look however you want. 

I figured I'd share how I made mine in case anyone wanted to make their own!

Supplies: Terrarium (I bought this one at Walmart and it was super affordable), sand (or actual dirt) and rocks, moss, and whatever little decoration bits you want. I got all of these pictured from Michaels.

Step 1: Layer your sand/dirt and rocks. You can add however much you want. I added the entire bag of sand and then just piled a few handfuls of rocks until I liked how it looked. I'd suggest putting something down, like newspaper, before you do this as I didn't and then got bits of sand everywhere.

Step 2: Add in your moss. Again, just add as much as you want until you like how it looks.  This also gets everywhere (especially if you pull it apart like I did, so definitely put something down if you don't want moss bits all over!), and I just sort of pushed it down into the rocks and sand so it looked like it was growing rather than just laying on top of it.

Step 3: Add in your decorations! I also pushed these down into the rocks to anchor them, especially the little headstones, but I actually love how they're a little sideways cause it adds to the old graveyard affect.

This was such a quick little DIY (it took me 15 minutes at most) and I love how you can literally add in whatever you want to make it to your taste. I'll probably keep this up on my bookshelves all year round since I love it so much. Let me know what you think or if you make your own as I would love to see them!


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