Hello, 33

Hello, all!

A few years ago, I started doing little get-to-know-me-better posts on my birthday, so I thought I'd keep it going!

1. I prefer paperbacks to hardcover books. I have small Keebler elf hands so I find them easier to hold, and there's just nothing better than a perfectly floppy paperback.

2. I'm clueless when it comes to hair/make-up. I never really wore make-up until my senior year of high school, and even then it was just a little concealer here and there. I've watched tons of tutorials but it's just one of those things that goes straight over my head. Even so, it doesn't stop me from buying all the make-up pallets and hair tools.

3. Despite having arthritis and a bum knee, I love taking walks. I find them so relaxing.

4. I love watching football (especially college football-- Notre Dame is my team!) but I can't talk football, ya know? 

5. I'm very much an old lady. Give me an oversized cardigan, cup of tea, and a blanket, and I'm happy as a clam.

Let me know something fun about you!


  1. Happy birthday!! I feel you on the hair and makeup stuff- I'm always a sucker for cute packaging, but terrible at actually using any of it!


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