November Wrap-Up

Hello, all!


In the Garden of Spite- Camilla Bruce; 3/5
The Show Girl- Nicola Harrison; 4/5
The Girl Who Drank the Moon- Kelly Barnhill; 3/5
Dolores Claiborne- Stephen King; 4/5
The Keeper of Night- Kylie Lee Baker; 3/5
The Last House on Needless Street- Catriona Ward; 4/5
If We Were Villains- M.L. Rio; 4/5


The Duchess Hunt- Lorraine Heath; 3/5
Once Upon a Broken Heart- Stephanie Garber; 3.5/5
The Sisters Sweet- Elizabeth Weiss; 3/5
Only When It's Us- Chloe Liese; 3/5
ExtraOrdinary #0- VE Schwab; 3/5
ExtraOrdinary #1- VE Schwab; 3/5
To Love Jason Thorn- Ella Maise; 2.5/5
A History of Wild Places- Shea Ernshaw; 3/5


Well Matched- Jen DeLuca; 3/5
The Hawthorne Legacy- Jennifer Lynn Barnes; 4/5
Never Fall for Your Fiancée- Virginia Heath; 4/5
The Grimrose Girls- Laura Pohl; 2/5
A Psalm of Stores and Silence- Roseanne A. Brown; 4/5
Lore Olympus, Vol. 1- Rachel Smythe; 5/5
The Fastest Way to Fall- Denise Williams; 4/5
The Book of Magic- Alice Hoffman; 3/5
Demon Slayer, Vol. 1; 2/5

Some favorites were: Lore Olympus, If We Were Villains, and The Hawthorne Legacy. Some least favorites were: Demon Slayer, To Love Jason Thorn, and The Grimrose Girls. 

What was your favorite/least favorite read this month?


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