Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Blog Tour: A Lullaby for Witches Review

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If you enjoy books with subtle magical vibes that are super atmospheric, then you need to check out Hester Fox. Big thanks to the publisher for having me as part of the blog tour for her newest release, A Lullaby for Witches.

Pub Date: 2-1-22
Adult - Historical Fiction

In the 1870s Tynemouth, Margaret Harlowe is the beautiful and carefree daughter of a wealthy shipping family. She never quite fit in with the high society she was born into, and from a young age, knew there was something different about herself. Margaret was always aware of the power bubbling under her skin and would use her knowledge of herbs to help the women of her small town, providing everything from spells to tinctures. Despite townspeople calling her a witch and steering clear, Margaret longed for love and companionship and thought she found it in a local shopkeeper. But soon their affair turns sour, and Margaret can’t help the power inside her as it begins to twist and turn into something darker.

In the present day, Augusta Podos finds herself in desperate need of a change. When the opportunity arises to work at Harlowe House, a small museum that was once the home to a wealthy New England family, Augusta jumps at the chance. She can’t wait to put her degree to work cataloging the contents of the museum and immediately begins combing the archives. While going through historical records, Augusta stumbles upon mention of a Harlow daughter who seems to have been completely eradicated from history. Intrigued, Augusta can’t help but investigate, but it doesn’t take long before she realizes she may have gotten more than she bargained for. As the past and present start to collide, Augusta discovers a dark power linking the two women together, and if she can’t resist its sinister pull, then everything she knows could be lost forever.

I’ve been taken with Fox’s writing style ever since her debut, and this quickly became one of my favorites. I thought the story flowed super well despite the dual timeline/POVs. Typically, when we’re following two different characters, I always tend to favor one over the other, but I liked both Margaret and Augusta equally. Both were so interesting, and I loved seeing how they were intertwined. The way they were connected was predictable, but I still liked it. As always, Fox weaves in magical elements beautifully, and though I found some bits a little too far-fetched and the conflict resolution too easy, I thought it was highly entertaining. If you enjoy historical fictions that have a dash of mystery, fantasy, and romance elements or are looking for something with a darker atmosphere, I can’t recommend her books enough.

Rating: 4/5

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