Thursday, February 3, 2022

Let's Talk: the Captain Kit Brightling Series

Hello, all!

Today I'm here to tell you all about a new series that I've been loving lately. I've always liked stories involving the sea and ships and all that, and I kept seeing this one particular book swirling around and finally decided to pick it up. That book was the first in the Captain Kit Brightling series by Chloe Neill, and it quickly became one of my favorites. There's only two books so far, but I'm dying for more!

Pub Date: 11-17-20
Adult - Historical Fantasy

The Bright and Breaking Sea: After being orphaned as a young girl, Kit Brightling was taken in by a foundling home and raised with other talented girls. Kit spent years honing her skills and has become one of the Queen's most trusted captains in the Isles' Crown Command fleet. Kit's ship, the Diana, may be small, but she's swift thanks to Kit's affinity to control sea magic. Due to this, the Queen sends Kit on a perilous rescue mission with a partner she never asked for. Rian Grant, Viscount Queenscliffe, may have fought bravely during the Continental War, but Kit's dealt with many of his social standing and isn't quick to trust his motives. But the pair will have no choice but to put their faith in one another as they travel to a dangerous pirate fortress to rescue a spy who's been gathering intelligence on the exiled emperor. If they fail, the fate of their entire country may be at stake.

I went into this only having a vague notion of what it was about, but I ended up loving it! It was such a fun time. Kit had such a carefree and confident demeanor and always had a witty remark ready for any man who questioned her authority. I loved her dynamic with her crew; they all felt like a family, and the way they interacted and joked with one another was entertaining. She and Rian started a little rocky, both not trusting the other, but they quickly became such a tight pair. Watching them volley off one another was hilarious, and you could cut the tension between them with a knife. I'm looking forward to seeing how that progresses in the next book. I thought the plot was solid, but there were moments, especially towards the end, where I thought things wrapped up a little too conveniently, but overall I liked it a lot. If you enjoy books that are a little bit fantasy, a little bit historical fiction, and a whole lot of adventure, this is the one to pick up.

Rating: 4/5

Pub Date: 11-30-21
Adult - Historical Fantasy

A Swift and Savage Tide: Being Aligned to the magic of the sea makes Captain Kit Brightling an invaluable asset to the Saxon Isles and its Queen. And the crown and its allies will need all the help it can get after the escape of Gerard Rousseau. Once an emperor but now the scourge of the people, Gerard has escaped his island exile with one plan in mind: to recapture control of the Continent using whatever means possible. Kit and her crew aboard her ship the Diana, are tasked with finding Gerard and stopping him before his plans can come to fruition. In the process, Kit once again finds her path crossing with the dashing Rian Grant, Viscount Queenscliffe, who is working undercover on his own mission of stopping Gerard. But the pleasure of seeing Grant doesn't last long, as the pair discover an old enemy has seemingly risen from the dead, wielding power on behalf of Gerard with the ability to destroy everything in its path.

This series has quickly become one of my favorites. It's an action-packed, whirlwind of a ride, and I can't get enough. Everything from the characters to the magic system to the plot is done brilliantly. Kit has all the elements I love in a character. She's fiercely loyal to her crew, fearless to a fault, and not above a bit of snark. She's a great character on her own, but when you add Rian into the mix, it's explosive. Both are so stubborn and strong-willed, and the banter between them is everything. They don't have the kind of in-your-face chemistry, but instead this subtle flirty tension that simmers below every interaction, and it's so satisfying once they finally act on it. I still had the same issue as the first book where I thought things came together a little too conveniently, but the way things left off has me so excited to see what happens next.

Rating: 4/5

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