Friday, March 31, 2023

March Wrap-up

Hello, all!

I had a very productive reading month, and it was all down to becoming obsessed with the Yona of the Dawn manga. I binged so many volumes this month and can't wait to continue!


Hester- Laurie Lico Albanese; 3/5
A Lady's Guide to Fortune-Hunting- Sophie Irwin; 2/5
We Spread- Iain Reid; 2/5
The Circus Train- Amita Parikh; 3/5
The Magician's Daughter- H.G. Parry; 3/5
The London Séance Society- Sarah Penner; 3/5
Remarkably Bright Creatures- Shelby Van Pelt; 5/5
The Sunbearer Trials- Aiden Thomas; 3/5
Phaedra- Laura Shepperson; 3/5
Five Survive- Holly Jackson; 3/5


The Fine Print- Lauren Asher; 3/5
A Rogue's Rules for Seduction- Eva Leigh; 4.5/5
If Only You- Chloe Liese; 4/5
Better Than the Prom- Lynn Painter; 4/5
To Swoon and To Spar- Martha Waters; 3/5
Flowerheart- Catherine Bakewell; 2/5
Divine Rivals- Rebecca Ross; 4/5
Heir of Uncertain Magic- Charlie N. Holmberg; 5/5
A House with Good Bones- T. Kingfisher; 3.5/5


The Paper Magician- Charlie N. Holmberg; 3/5
The Kaiju Preservation Society- John Scalzi; 4/5
The Hero of Ages- Brandon Sanderson; 3.5/5
Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone- Benjamin Stevenson; 2/5
Groupies- Sarah Priscus; 2/5
Fruits Basket; Vol. 1; 3/5
Yona of the Dawn; Vols. 1-10;4/5
The Foxglove King- Hannah Whitten; 2/5

Some favorites were: Heir of Uncertain Magic, Remarkably Bright Creatures, and A Rogue's Rules for Seduction. Least favorites were: Flowerheart, The Sunbearer Trials, and Groupies.

How was your reading month? What was your favorite/least favorite read?