Top 5: Favorite Fictional Families

Hello, all!

It's been so long since I did a Top 5, but I saw this as one of the prompts for 5 Fandom Friday and knew I had to jump on it.

1. The Weasleys: Let's get the most obvious out of the way first. I've wanted to be part of the Weasley brood ever since I read the first Harry Potter book. I just love how nurturing, fun, and cozy they are. 

2. The Bridgertons: Another big, chaotic family I love are the Bridgertons. I love their dynamic. They're all so close and care for one another, but also take any opportunity to best each other and I find it so fun. 

3. The Crows: I may be cheating a little on this one since they're not technically family, but found family is family as far as I'm concerned. I adore this little band of miscreants with every fiber of my being.

4. The Marches: Can you think of a family more devoted to one another than the Marches? I love how each of the March sisters are so different, but they complement each other so well. The familial bond in Little Women will always be one of my favorites.

5. The Matthews: Boy Meets World is one of my favorite TV shows, and I used to wish I was part of the family. They were always family goals in my mind. They always had fun together, but knew when to be serious. 

Who're some of your favorites? Let me know!


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