The Weaver and the Witch Queen Review

Hello, all!

The Witch's Heart by Genevieve Gornichec was one of my favorite reads a few years ago, so I've been impatiently waiting for her latest release, The Weaver and the Witch Queen

Pub Date: 7-25-23
Adult - Fantasy

Despite being opposites, Oddny and Gunnhild have been best friends since childhood. Oddny longs for a quiet life, while Gunnhild seeks power. After a visiting seer gives the girls, along with Oddny's sister, Signy, an ominous prophecy regarding their future, the girls make a blood oath to always be there for one another, no matter where life takes them. Desperate to leave her cruel mother, Gunnhild escapes with the seer to become her apprentice and learn the ways of the witch, leaving Oddny and Signy to wonder what became of her.

Years later, Oddny's family farm gets destroyed by raiders, and in the chaos, her mother is killed, and Signy taken. Oddny is determined to save her sister, and one of the only people willing to help her is one of the raiders who participated in the attack. Seeing the events unfold in her witch form, Gunnhild finds herself racing to Oddny's side to aid her search. Along the way, she crosses paths with King Eirik, the heir apparent to all of Norway, and finds their destinies interlocked whether they like it or not. But when Gunnhild and Oddny reunite, their bonds are tested in ways they never could've predicted.

While I liked this book, sadly, it suffered from the dreaded sophomore slump. First, let's talk about the things I enjoyed. The writing was beautifully atmospheric. Do you know how some books can feel like seasons? Gornichec's books always feel like the coldest winters. Everything may seem bleak, but you know it'll be okay. I loved the bond between Oddny, Signy, and Gunnhild. Their sisterhood was my favorite thing about this. What I loved less was the pacing. Everything felt so long and drawn out. However, I still enjoyed it and recommend it if you like mythology-inspired stories.

Rating: 3/5


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