Boy of Chaotic Making Review (Whimbrel House, #3)

Hello, all!

You might remember me gushing over the Whimbrel House series by Charlie N. Holmberg last year. They were some of my favorite reads of 2023 (review of the previous book here), so I was super excited to get my hands on an ARC of the latest book, Boy of Chaotic Making. Big thanks to the publisher for the copy!

*Potential spoilers ahead*

Pub Date: 2-13-24
Adult - Fantasy

Merritt Fernsby’s life changed dramatically the moment he inherited Whimbrel House. He went from being estranged from his family and feeling alone to having a tight-knit group all his own. Merritt also found love in his fiancé, Hulda Larkin, whose logical demeanor perfectly balances his whimsy. Merritt has also become fiercely protective of his great-times-many uncle Owein, who went from haunting the halls of Whimbrel House to the body of a terrier. It's this little tidbit that throws Merritt and the crew into a whole new adventure.

After receiving a letter from the Queen of England showing interest in Owein, the trio find themselves crossing the Atlantic. When they arrive, they discover that, due to Owein's powerful magical ability, the Queen is interested in getting him a human vessel and marrying him into the royal family. It has been so long since Owein had a body of his own, so he's quick to agree to the terms, but Merritt and Hulda have some concerns. Ones that only seem to grow when strange accidents start befalling them. It's clear that someone is against this scheme, but after 200 years of soul-drifting, Owein is willing to do whatever it takes to become whole again.

I'm starting to sound like a broken record with this series, but I adore it so much. It's everything I could want in a cozy fantasy series. Interesting magic system? Check. Fun, historical setting? Check. A found family I would die for? Check. I loved exploring a new setting and how it introduced new sects of magic users. I love how the magic is very give-and-take, and you see the different tolls each form takes on its users. Owein has always been a favorite character of mine, so I enjoyed how the plot focused on him. He has this interesting dynamic of being hundreds of years old while still a kid, and I liked watching him grow here. The other highlight of this series for me is Merritt and Hulda. Their relationship is everything. I didn't think I could swoon anymore over them, but I was wrong. My only slight complaint was that the plot was a little slow to kick off, but I was still engaged the entire time, and I'm crossing my fingers, hoping we get more.

Rating: 4/5


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