House of Flame and Shadow Review (Crescent City, #3)

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I was counting down the days until the latest SJM release, House of Flame and Shadow, and if you're wondering if I binged it in two days, you'd be correct.

*Potential spoilers ahead*

Pub Date: 1-30-24
Adult - Fantasy

After facing down the Asteri, Bryce Quinlan knew the only way to save her world was with a leap of faith. Desperate, she flung herself into a Gate, hoping it would bring her to Hel, where she could rally the Princes for aid. Instead, Bryce found herself in the world of the original Fae. It wasn't where Bryce wanted to be, but the Horn in her back and the Starsword knew it was where she needed to be. Aside from being stranded and surrounded by those she's unsure if she can trust, Bryce finds herself facing down the history of her lineage, and it will take everything in her to find her way back home.

For a few brief months, Hunt Athalar had it all. He had friends, a purpose, and, most importantly, a mate he would do anything for. Now, he finds himself once again a prisoner of the Asteri, slave brand, and halo marking his skin. Hunt has no idea what happened to Bryce after she leaped through the Gate, but he's determined to find out. When the pair finally reunite, nothing will stop them from bringing the Asteri to their knees. But are they willing to pay the price to wipe the filth from Midgard once and for all?

Honestly, I wasn't feeling the first thirty to forty percent of this book. There were certain storylines that I thought were unnecessary. The highly anticipated crossover felt underwhelming. It all felt like one bad decision and one underground cave after another. But then I got about halfway through, and SJM had me eating my words. The action ramped up to such a breakneck speed that I couldn't catch my breath fast enough. Bryce was pulling out Aelin Galathynius-level schemes. The character growth and development here, and not just within Bryce but everyone, was well done. I'm not usually an emotional reader, but moments towards the end had me choked up. I'm unsure where the story can go from here, but I can't wait to find out.

Rating: 4/5


  1. This book left me so emotionally exhausted and I've been struggling to pick up anything else since finishing!! I actually really enjoyed the crossover, so the beginning worked really well for me.

    1. I always find myself in a book hangover after any of her books!


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