Let's Talk: Doctor Who

I think it’s finally safe to say how much I love Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor. Like many others, I’m always a bit hesitant whenever a new Doctor comes around and it takes a few episodes for me to finally adjust to a new face, but let me tell you-- I’ve pretty much been in love with him since Robot of Sherwood. The way he moves, his physicality, his embodiment is just so the Doctor.

His take on the Doctor is way different than that of Matt Smith’s, but I actually really like it. Where Smith’s incarnation was wide-eyed and child-like, Capaldi’s is more brash, abrupt and a bit cold. I also really like the new direction they’re taking with his relationship with Clara; it’s developed into something more familial rather than the Are-they-into-each-other feel they had in the past.

The same characteristics that made me fall in love with the Doctor are still there—he’s still as sassy as ever (maybe even a little more so, ahemgivingRobinHoodthebird), he’s still willing to help people (although he doesn’t seem to get as invested, he did say Clara cares so he doesn’t have to), and his adventures are still bigger than ever (not only did he go inside a Dalek, but he even robbed the most secure bank in the universe! Talk about chutzpah!)—but now he also questions himself and his ethics more, trying to figure out if he’s a good man or not. Capaldi has turned the Doctor into more of a thinker; you can see him using his mind to find answers to his problems rather than relying solely on the TARDIS or his trusty sonic screwdriver. I also absolutely love that he kept his Scottish accent, it really adds to the whole “rebel time lord” thing, and not to mention his styling is on point.

Underneath the new face and attitude, the Doctor is still the same character I fell in love with so many seasons ago. He’s still insecure, still awkward, still hesitant to be called a hero, and that’s what I love most about Doctor Who, the Doctor himself may change, but at the core he stays the same.  Also, can we talk about how pretty the inside of the TARDIS looks? And the opening title sequence? And who the heck is this Missy cause I really need to know? Dang you, Steven Moffat and your secrets!


  1. Every companion/ doctor transitions the worst for me. I get so attached but then I fall in love again (except Martha, she never really got on my good side...haha) I just started the new doctor but I am still grieving MAtt Smith... and Rory & amy for that matter!

    1. Haha, I was never a fan of Martha either, she was just too blah for me. And I totally know what you mean, I don't think I'll ever get over Rory and Amy!


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