Saddest Moments on Fringe

One of my favorite things to do is binge watch TV shows on Netflix, my most recent addiction being Fringe. I know, I know, I’m super late to the party and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to watch it, but now I’m obsessed. I blew through the five seasons in like two weeks and it was one of those shows that made me laugh and then two seconds later made my heart break. The show is filled with such great characters who you become attached to and you feel for them and you root for them, when they’re sad you want everything to work out and when they’re happy you want to celebrate with them. Each character and storyline grew so much with each season it’s hard not to get caught up in it. When I set out to make this list, I didn’t realize just how many moments I would actually have and I tried to cut it down but it was just impossible, so I broke it down by season. So here ya go, here are my “Oh, my heart” moments from Fringe.

Season 1:
  •  Walter returning to St. Claire’s to help solve a kidnapping case.
  •  Finding out Olivia was one of the children in Walter and William Bell’s Cortexiphan trials and then when she confronts Walter in the diner about his involvement.
  • Walter willing to sacrifice himself to the snake/scorpion creature in the sewer in order to save Peter and Olivia. And if that in it self wasn’t enough, then he starts to sing that “Menagerie” song to calm himself down, which you find out is the same song he used to sing to his dog Rufus who suffered from night terrors. Just hit me with a ton of bricks while you’re at it.
  • Walter visiting Peter’s grave.
Season 2:
  • Walter getting stranded in Chinatown and not remembering Peter’s phone number. When he breaks down and starts to cry to that old woman, I can feel my heart breaking into a million tiny pieces.
  • When Walter gets back to the lab to find out Astrid was injured by the men from Chinatown who looted the lab. Their friendship is one of my absolute favorite things about the show, and this really shows just how much he cares for her.
  • Peter calling Walter “Dad.”
  •  Charlie being killed and then replaced by the shapeshifter AND THEN Olivia having to kill him. He was one of her most trusted friends and she put a bullet through his head.
  • Olivia returning to Jacksonville where the Cortexiphan trials were held and going back into the room she set on fire.
  • Walter receiving the white tulip in the mail, which is his symbol of God’s forgiveness.
  • Peter realizing he’s not from this universe and telling Walter that he’s not his son.
  •  Olivia telling Peter he belongs with her.

Season 3:
  • Olivia getting replaced by the Olivia from the alternate universe.
  • Fauxlivia starting a relationship with Peter. NO JUST NO.
  • Walternate giving Olivia drugs to make her think that she is Fauxlivia.
  •  The alternate Broyles sacrificing himself so that the real Olivia can cross back over to where she belongs.
  • Olivia breaking down about Peter and Fauxlivia’s relationship and how he couldn’t tell it wasn’t her.
  •  Peter entering the machine and then getting erased.

Season 4:
  •  Peter getting erased from the timeline, but Olivia and Walter still seeing flashes of him, which then leads to Olivia finding Walter trying to give himself a lobotomy.
  •  Peter finally coming back but no one remembering him.
  • Alternate Astrid coming over to see Astrid after her father’s funeral. Basically everything about AltAstrid makes me so happy/sad.
  •  Astrid getting shot while trying to protect Walter.
  •  Walter shooting Olivia in the head in order to stop Bell from creating a third universe with the help of her Cortexiphan abilities.
  •  Peter then cradling her afterwards and pushing Walter away. Excuse me while I drown in my tears.
  • Walter saving Olivia and then her finding out that she’s pregnant with Peter’s baby. This should be a happy occasion, but seeing how this show goes, you know that something horrible is coming.
  • And it does. September mysteriously telling Walter “They’re coming.” Meaning a future overrun with Observers who have taken over humanity. Just once I would like for them to have nice things, but nooooo.

Season 5:
  • The whole season occurring in 2036, where Observers have taken over the Earth and humanity is separated into Loyalists (those who serve the Observers) and the Resistance (those opposed to the Observers)
  • Walter, Olivia, Peter and Astrid being rescued from amber from Olivia and Peter’s grown up daughter, who was taken from them the day the Observers invaded and who just so happens to be a member of said resistance.
  • The flashback to Peter, Olivia and their daughter Etta in the park when she was a child on the day the Observers invaded.
  •  Etta getting shot by Captain Windmark (the head of the Observers) and Peter and Olivia having to lose their daughter again.
  • Olivia watching a video Walter gives her of one of Etta’s birthday parties.
  •  Nina shooting herself in the head so Windmark can’t read her thoughts to find out Walter's plan to overthrow the Observers.
  • Walter leading the Observer child, Michael, through the wormhole in order to create a paradox that would erase the Observers from ever invading Earth.
  •  Flashing back to that day in the park, this time without the Observers invading and Peter receiving a white tulip in the mail from Walter.

The entire series is a complete emotional rollercoaster; one minute you’re happy and the next you’re curled in the fetal position sobbing, but that was what made it such a great show. Let me know some of your favorite moments in the comments!


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