Marvel Reprinting Dark Horse Star Wars Comics

Just look at how pretty it is *insert heart eyes emoji*

Two things about me: I am a huge Star Wars fan, and I love basically everything Marvel does. So when I heard that Marvel was planning on reprinting all of the Dark Horse Star Wars comics, I was obviously more than excited.

Beginning in 2015, Marvel announced that they would be taking over the printing duties for the Star Wars franchise, and the first book they’ll put out will be called “Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Empire Vol. 1.”  These Epic Collections will be in chronological order and are aiming to be large (the first volume is 440 pages of galactic goodness) and affordable for all (around $34.99- TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY). The first volume will be stories set after the events of Episode III, with material written by John Ostrander, Randy Stradley, Haden Blackman, among others.

Now, these are not new stories, only previously published comics from Dark Horse, only now under the Marvel moniker.  The Dark Horse issues are still available, but will be going out of print once the licensing shifts over to Marvel, so you better hurry on down to your local comic book shop and snatch them up quick.

As if these reprints weren’t enough to get my fangirl blood pumpin’, Marvel also announced at Comic-Con that they’d be publishing a set of three new Star Wars comic book series in early 2015: “Star Wars”, “Star Wars: Darth Vader”, and “Star Wars: Princess Leia.” All three of which would take place after the events of A New Hope.

Words can’t express how super pumped I am on this. I have issues from both the Dark Horse and Marvel runs (Marvel actually published the original Star Wars comics back in the 70s) in my collection so I will be counting down the days until these new ones come out. Look for me pushing kids out of my way to be the first to get my hands on these babies.


  1. Very cool! I'd love to see their Princess Leia comic

    1. Right?! I'm really looking forward to that one too, I can't wait for it to come out.


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