Parlor Tattoo Prints

I don't know about anyone else, but I love nerd related artwork and I'm also really into tattoo art, and I feel like I found the Holy Grail in the Etsy shop Parlor Tattoo Prints (here ), run by the insanely talented Quyen Dinh. You can find everything from traditional tattoo flash to the best fan art you have ever seen.

All prints are done in a flash style and they're all so good that if I didn't have them on my wall, I'd probably get them tattooed on me. Let's be real here, I would get them tattooed on me regardless, cause they're just that wonderful. I'm constantly restraining myself because I want to buy every single thing in her store. They're all reasonable priced (also, the store takes both PayPal and credit which is super convenient), ship fast and are just amazing pieces of artwork. This is definitely a must if you're looking for really unique, awesome nerd art to spruce up your place.

Here are the ones I have so you can get an idea of how fantastic they are:


  1. I follow so many shops because of their tattoo prints! I collect them and I think I've got a few of Quyen's although currently none of them are on my wall!

    My old pal from uni sometimes brings out some great prints (including disney style) and is so worth a follow on Tumblr / Instagram:

    1. Your friends stuff is so nice! I love the Edward Scissorhands one.


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