Top 5: Sci-Fi Spaceships

I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but I tend to like making lists. I decided to dedicate this one to my love of sci-fi spaceships. If I was ever given the opportunity to travel through space, these are some of the babies I would want to go on:

Moya: Being a living Leviathan ship means Moya basically can maintain herself, with the help of some DRD’s and Pilot, of course. And yeah, she started out as a prison ship, but she became so much more than that. She was always there for John and co. and I think really cared for all of them. Plus, Starbust is really freakin’ cool.

Red Dwarf: This mining ship has the ability to take all the hydrogen that’s in space and convert it into fuel, which means that it could keep on truckin’ for-ev-er, and seeing as how it’s been going for more than 3 million years, I’d say it’s doing a fine job of that. Sure, the entire crew was killed due to a radiation leak thanks to a faulty drive plate, and the only survivors were the ship’s computer system who’s gone a bit wonky, a cat/human hybrid, a mechanoid Kryten, a hologram of the smeg-head Rimmer who died in the blast, and the curry loving slacker Lister who wakes from suspended animation to find he’s the last human ever, but they’ve been to parallel universes and the ship has a virtual reality simulator room so that more than makes up for it in my book.

Serenity: This ship is the heart and soul of its crew. They treat her like she’s one of them and she is; Mal said it best, “Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells ya she’s hurtin’ ‘fore she keens. Makes her a home.” All the crew-members put their own personal touches everywhere and that’s what makes it feel so real and adds to the charm. Plus, I just would really like to be part of Mal’s crew.

TARDIS: Like I could possible talk about spaceships without mentioning the TARDIS. Who doesn’t wish they could travel throughout time and space and other dimensions with the Doctor? It’s bigger on the inside, regularly undergoes interior designs and is so unlike anything else. Just the wheezing sound of the brakes is enough to get me all giddy inside.

Millennium Falcon: There are so many amazing ships to pick from in the Star Wars universe: you’ve got the X-Wings, Boba’s Slave I and the SSD Executor’s (which totally look like flying pizza slices), but I, like many others, was drawn to the Millennium Falcon. Not only can it easily maneuver through asteroid fields, Death Stars and Exogorth mouths, make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, but it can also in a pinch be used as gambling currency. She may look like a hunk of junk, but she’s got it where it counts.

Honorable Mention:

The Satellite of Love: It’s shaped like a bone, has a crew of man-made robots and plays terribly cheesy movies which you and your robot pals can mercilessly mock. Sounds like an all around good time to me!

What are some of your favorite ships?


  1. I would say that the Millennium Falcon will always and forever be my first choice. However if we're talking about exploring through space I would have to go with a little ship called Enterprise, ideally the E. - Eric V. Grey

  2. You've got my three top favorites here with the Millenium Falcon, Serenity, and TARDIS. I feel like my favorites have a lot of common traits: they're a home and their crew is like family, they're all kinda old and run-down and falling apart a bit, but they're loved dearly by their pilots/captains and they've got it where it counts. I feel like this says a lot about me and my values in life :D

    I feel like I should give an honorable mention to the City of Atlantis in Stargate:Atlantis - while it's not what you'd normally think of as a spaceship, it can act as one and look like the universe's most kickass snowflake while doing so:

    1. That's why I love them too, so homey. And you're right, that totally looks like a snowflake haha

    2. Right? Ugh, the city of Atlantis is so pretty. And it's super old and kinda falling apart just like the other ships, but it comes "alive" in its own way and loves John Sheppard to pieces, so it totally fits in with the other almost-sentient-ships-that-Bryn-loves :D My first tattoo was the city of Atlantis on my shoulder, and I've never regretted it <3

    3. That's awesome. I have a bunch of nerdy tattoos that some people are like "Really?!" but I love'em haha


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