Punk Rock Superheroes

Ian Curtis as Spider-Man

Mark Mothersbaugh as Iron Man
Siouxsie Sioux as Scarlet Witch

Billy Idol as Thor

Johnny Rotten as Wolverine

Morrissey as the Hulk

Robert Smith as Nightcrawler

Gary Numan as Vision

If you were ever wondering what 80s music icons would look like if they were comic book characters (and I mean, who doesn't?) you're in luck because illustrator Butcher Billy has got you covered.  He recently put out the above as a follow up series to a project he started back in 2013 because the first set was such a massive success.

I think you could tell by now that I'm a big fan of mash-up artwork, and these are definitely some of my favorites I've seen. I think they're super fun and really clever, and I hope he keeps doing these because I would love to see what else he could come up with. You can see more of Butcher Billy's work here.

What do you think? Any favorites? I think mine's definitely a toss up between Morrissey and Robert Smith, so good!


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